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Your Pets May Need To Be Tested For COVID and Even Quarantine If Needed

Doggy vaccine anyone?

Credit: Petanos

Can you imagine trying to explain to your pets that you have to drop them off at a government facility to quarantine for two weeks? Well that might be a reality.

Apparently, cats and dogs are now getting tested for COVID in South Korea because there was a confirmed case in a kitten in the city of Jinju. Now, before we all start freaking out, animals haven’t been known to transmit the disease to humans. But, better to be safe than sorry these days.

So, new laws in South Korea have been put in place that require pets to get tested if they have a potential exposure–just like humans do. Also like humans, if tested positive, they have to quarantine.

A group of scientist have even gone as far as to say that dogs and cats should be vaccinated to stop the spread of the virus.

Credit: YouTube

I have to admit, it’s really difficult to continuously be told that the end of coronavirus is being pushed back from months to years. We all thought by last summer that by this summer we’d be okay, but it’s looking less and less like that. Even still, the world has slowly begun to get vaccinated.

I have to believe things are going to get better. We all do. There are some countries that are completely reopened. And, if you’re living in one of those, we all envy you.

In the chaotic state of the world, at least we can all take comfort in designer clothes brands serving us looks. The hottest trend? Swiss cheese. Well maybe not, but Prada just released a turtle neck that is giving everyone dairy vibes. If you know what I mean.

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