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Why Electric Vehicles Are the Future

Petrol cars are on the way out.

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Electric vehicles have taken a long time to become a viable option. They were first developed over a hundred years ago, but it’s taken all this time to bring them into general usage. That’s why you might think they are doomed to failure, but in the last decade, the demand for them has grown extremely quickly – perhaps a result of conscious consumerism or the pressing need to change our habits for the better. Read on to see why EVs are a safe bet for the future. 

Maintenance is Cheaper

Electric vehicles are more expensive than gas-motors, on average you will pay twice the price for the same class of vehicle, but the value is not in the upfront cost. EVs are far simpler machines – if you can call them that – they don’t have any working parts, no gearbox, no flywheel, no timing belt. This makes servicing your car a thing of the past, no need for an oil change either, they have no oil. Furthermore, an EV runs on electricity which is heavily subsidised by the government – it all adds up to a very cheap car to run. 

They’re Quick and Quiet 

When people think of EVs, they sometimes imagine the early prototype models that couldn’t ever compete with the gas-motors – but times have changed. Nowadays an EV can outperform a gas-motor on acceleration, and they’re quieter, they can also be uplifted at ATV, UTV, and Golf Cart Accessories. Because EVs have no mechanical parts, they are far lighter than gas-motors, they also have incredible torque that delivers power directly to the axle. In addition, EVs are silent when driving. If some people find this disconcerting, some models have built-in sound effects.  

They Don’t Need Any Gas

One of the leading benefits of EVs is they don’t need gas. Gas costs can be a massive monthly and annual expense, especially if you commute, burning it is also harmful to the planet and increases the chances of runaway global warming. While the infrastructure for electric charging is still unreliable, it is getting better as demand for EVs increases. If you know your commute to work or are able to charge an EV at home, there are two good reasons to cut your gas costs dead. 

They’re Expensive to Buy, but Good to Lease 

Many people might be put off by the high initial cost of an EV, even with the promise of vastly cheaper running costs. For them, there is a third option – lease. Leasing a car gives you all the great benefits of ownership but without the expensive finance agreement. What’s more, if the car becomes too old or underperformed, you can always swap it for a better model. It’s also a good way to try out an EV if you’re unconvinced. 

They Have Near-Zero Emissions 

It’s a common misconception that EVs are zero-emissions vehicles. They don’t have any emissions at the tailpipe – they don’t have a tailpipe – this is excellent for keeping the air in your local area clean. However, until the electricity they use can be made 100% renewable, it will still be somewhat dirty. Despite this, EVs are far cleaner than gas-motors and much better for the environment. The idea is in place; it’s a matter of time before the technology and infrastructure catch up.

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