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WATCH: Impressive Side-By-Side Videos of Swimmers Competing in 1932 and 2016

Watch the difference between swimmers 100 years ago and now…

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The impressive video montage shows a comparison between swimmers from 1932 and swimmers from 2016 competing in the 100 Meter Swim.

The video, originally from Reddit, shows how overall, the swimmers in 2016 seem to be faster than their past competitors from 1932. 

This just goes to show how training techniques and the intensity of competitive sports has increased over the years. 

The video has already amassed more 3 million views and 1,600 comments on the Reddit thread and inspired a lot of reflection on how the sporting world has evolved – along with the requirements of a professional athlete. 

Most comments are comparing the difference in pool turbulence, saying how nowadays pools regulate the water turbulence much better than back then. A possible reason for why swimmers from 1932 seem to be slower as well since their lanes were not separated.  

Read more about how the future of sports will evolve following the pandemic here

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