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WATCH: Anti-Trump Protester Levelled Down a Set of Stairs


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We all just want to be heard, right? We talk. We raise our voices so we can be louder. Sometimes we even use a god damn megaphone if we need to! But not everyone gets a chance to finish what they’re saying. Sometimes some guy just decides to tackle you from behind whilst speaking

Well, Donald Trump is the president-elect, there’s no changing that now. We can only wait and hope for Kanye to save us all once more (#YEEZY2020). And with the United States, in its naturally un-united state, tensions between their citizens, the government, and the citizens themselves are the highest it has been in quite a long time.

In a recent protest at Ohio State, a student was arrested for tackling a protester down a set of stairs. The student’s name is Shane Michael Stanton, and he ended up being charged with misdemeanour assault. Well as for the tackle-ee, luckily he was not seriously hurt and all well after the attack.

And as for the video itself, we can all objectively agree it was amazing to watch. From the striped sweatshirt, his nobly aggressive run down the stairs, “YOU IDIOT!”, the tackle itself, and the heartwarming humanitarian act of restraining the crowd from pummelling the attacker, it was poetry in motion.

For more on the United States and it’s Donald Trump adventures, click here. And for more wild and interesting videos like this one, click here.

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