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Top Tech Trends in the World of Vaping

E-cigs and the vaping trend have been with us for years, and since then, the vaping industry has constantly been evolving.

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E-cigs and the vaping trend have been with us for years, and since then, the vaping industry has constantly been evolving. At first, invented in Beijing, the rise of e-cigs has accompanied many trends, and 2022 has been no different.

Let us have a look at the top tech trends in the world of vaping for this year:

Disposable Vape Kits

In some countries, especially the UK, people are encouraged to switch to e-cigs in an attempt to quit smoking, which is why we have witnessed the rise of disposable kits.

Practically, disposable e-cigs are identical to traditional tobacco cigs, except that they are lower in nicotine and provide people a great alternative to tobacco replacement therapy, such as nicotine pouches.

Disposable vape kits give people an authentic feel as if they are smoking a regular cigarette without actually smoking a regular tobacco cigarette. This way, disposable vape kits help aspiring tobacco quitters manage their withdrawal symptoms in a much better way.

Vape Devices with In-built Batteries

Another trend that e-cigs users have been picking on much lately is switching to internal batteries, which takes us to the rise of vape mods. The essential benefit of the built-in batteries is that you won’t have to carry spare batteries with you (this is one less thing to worry about).

Besides, fast charging is a major player in this rising trend – not to mention the larger capacity, such as the 5000mAh battery is good enough to last for nearly two days.

That said, this year, you can expect to see a rise in vape devices that come with inbuilt batteries. The option of removable batteries is more likely to cease.

Nicotine Salts

E-cigs are a popular way to go cold turkey. As a matter of fact, people are encouraged to swap smoking regular tobacco cigs with e-cigs to go cold turkey, which leads us to the emerging trend of nicotine salts.

Nicotine salts allow vapers to have an amazing vaping experience without getting loaded on nicotine. That said, nicotine salts make a great option for those who want to forgo nicotine intake.

Usually, people are familiar with the traditional nicotine solution, also known as freebase. The freebase nicotine is being used in pretty much all e-liquids and has a high ph level. You might know that a high ph level indicates a high degree of alkalinity.

The high degree of alkalinity gives you that characteristic raspy chest and throat hit.

Now the main difference between traditional freebase nicotine solution and nicotine salts is the inclusion of a simple chemical – benzoic acid. This chemical is a naturally-occurring chemical found in several fruits, plants, and vegetables.

Benzoic acid is normally used as a food preservative, which means people have been consuming this chemical for years until now. Besides, benzoic acid has no effect on the flavor concentrates held within the liquid.

That said, nicotine salts are one emerging vaping that is most likely to stay!

High-Powered Vape Kits

Although e-cigs have been with us for some years, their popularity grew massively somewhere around 2021. While vaping started with a simple electronic cigarette, many changes have been made to the vape pod kits, especially regarding their strength.

Compared to the traditional e-cigs, you can expect powerful pods with long-lasting inbuilt (fast-charging batteries). The larger batteries indicate more power and quicker and easier coil replacements. The powerful vape kits are exclusively designed to take the vape experience to a higher level.

The kits are easy to assemble and disassemble, making them a great alternative to traditional e-cigs. High-powered vape pod kits are expected to replace the traditional versions sooner and enable vapers to kick in their vaping experience in high gear.

Supersonic USB-C Charging

As we mentioned before, this year’s trends are all about durability, which explains perfectly the trend of using supersonic USB-C charging to charge the vape device. Many of the recent vape devices are already manufactured to use the USB-C charger, which allows vapers to charge their pod in no more than fifteen minutes.

While this is amazing, the only potential downside seems to be that vapers need a special plug for charging purposes, which the respective manufacturer typically supplies. However, the USB-C charging format is expected to soon enter the mainstream and stay.

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