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New Concept DIY Artificial Insemination Kit Looks So Very Wrong

E.T. Phone Ho…..Oh god please don’t!


E.T. Phone Ho…..Oh god please don’t!

So, you’re tired of us guys. We just keep letting you down. We left the toilet seat up to one too many times, came home drunk too often, ate the last cupcake, and flirted with your sister. I get it. We can be giant assholes. Maybe you’re just not into us guys. That’s cool too. So, you decide that the ticking of that internal biological clock is driving you insane, and instead of missing out on one of the most magical things a woman can do, you decide to take matters into your own hands. Well, now you can, quite literally.

In a world where a self-sufficient woman and female empowerment is a major issue, and so it should be, more and more women are turning to artificial insemination to have children. Industrial artist and designer Koo Hyeonjeong has created a new concept in DIY artificial insemination that he hopes will,

“Confront our existing ideologies regarding the family unit, exploring the possibilities of how our identities, perceptions and social networks can be expanded if our bodies changed with biotechnology.”

While the concept remains in its initial stages Hyeonjeong is hopeful that bio-science will be able to create a way for women to produce semen without the aid of a donor. The way “The Seeding Finger” works is the ‘pouch’ produces sperm before being carried through the ‘tube’ towards the ‘stem’ which is located in the middle finger and quite closely resembles a penis. Well, I think it looks more like something from a Ridley Scott movie. Seriously, it creeps me out. Imagine it attached to a Xenomorph then you might get my trepidation.

What do you think? Is this the future? If it is I’m terrified! Have your say in the comments. Why not check out what the men folk might be doing when we’re replaced by alien fingers….

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