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Ford’s New Two-Legged Delivery Robot Is Creepy

Ford’s new delivery robot design is rather creepy to watch, even if the the technology is cutting edge.

Agility Robotics. Meet Digit. February 26, 2019. Image via

We all know that delivery robot packages to our homes is the future for online shopping. Self-driving cars are also the future. Technology is becoming more deeply ingrained into our daily lives by the hour it seems like. So I guess it should be no surprise that one of America’s top car brands has designed a delivery robot, in the hopes to stay current. The only problem is what they have created is rather disturbing.

According to Shock Mansion, Ford has created a delivery robot called “Digit” who will eventually be delivering packages to our homes in one of their self-driving vehicles. Digit can lift packages up to 40 pounds, walk up and down stairs, and can avoid unexpected objects and reroute to get your package to your door! ( 1). All of this sounds great but Digit itself is creepy to watch and looks like what could be the beginnings of the robot uprising.

Here is the video showing Digit in action and more information:

Delivery Robot

Ajmera, Ankit. Meet ‘Digit’, the walking robot for Ford self-driving vans. May 22, 2019. Image via

Technology Corner

The technology is and the concept are what we are rapidly moving towards. I grew up without having a tablet at the age of two or younger; Got my first cell phone when I was a freshman in high school; I loved playing outdoors with dolls and balls of all sports. It worries me how much kids rely on technology from such a young age instead of playing with toys and reading books. Creativity can be sparked in these old school ways, I’m living proof of that. That being said, I do shop on Amazon more and more than I ever though I would and I like having my items delivered to me in a few days.

Digit is the future and is the first of many robot prototypes I’m sure. But it looks like a weird, faceless robot with a walk that reminds me of bands marching at a football halftime game. The technology of the cameras and sensors is cool though and will obviously help Digit get our packages safely to our doors. I just hope Ford sees that making Digit this way is creepy and can maybe make some adjustments before more of them start rolling off the production lines.

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