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Create Insta-Worthy Proposals With This Phone Case

It’ll conceal your engagement ring.

Image: Rokshok

“Just Three Steps To an Unforgettable Proposal”

You didn’t ask for it, but here it is! Thanks to RokShok, you can get that Instagram-worthy proposal all from the comfort of your own mobile device. Say hello to the world’s first “smartphone case that conceals and elegantly presents an engagement ring” giving the user the opportunity to capture the moment live.

RokShokImage Via RokShok

RokShok is a double-sided case where the back side folds out to reveal the hidden ring. When the ring pops out, it comes right into perfect view of the camera. The company boasts it is one of the sneakiest ways to propose because the back side of the case looks just like a battery pack, allowing the user to keep the phone out and pretend to surf the web during preparation.

With the technological boom and increasing need for social media perfection, these cases are sure to be a hot commodity. The price tag may be off-putting for some, but all good things come at a cost. The RokShok will normally retail at $59.99(£45), but you can snag the gizmo for $39.95(£31) if you choose to pre-order. The company is going to ship RokShok phone cases out to customers starting 06.01.2018. If you want to use this product, better plan your proposal for the later half of the new year. Gee, whatever will they think of next.

In other weird tech news, sex robots.

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