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WATCH: Sick Tricks And Brutal Falls In Nyjah Huston’s Amazing New Skate Video

The best skating video you’ll see all year.

Credit: Nike

Every boy at some point wanted to learn how to skate, didn’t they?

You might have even got a board for your birthday, that you went on twice as you realized it was harder than it looks. Well, get ready to dig that board out from your loft as Nyjah Huston’s new skate video ‘Til Death’ will make you want to go out and skate like you were a kid again.

This is until you see some of the gruesome falls that come with skating in the video. It shows off some crazy camerawork as you follow the professional skateboarder around watching him perform some seriously mad tricks along to a complimentary soundtrack. The tricks will even distract you from the over-obvious Nike clothing on display.

Then just as you’re starting to think about how fun it looks and why you ever gave it up they throw in what you often don’t see, some brutal falls. And when I say brutal, I mean really brutal!

But that’s part of the game and Huston falls down many times but fair play to him he gets up and goes back to the top to try again, I’m sure there’s some kind of life lesson there?

The video itself is over 10 minutes which I know is long these days as everyone’s attention span is minimal but stick with it cause it’s a wicked video and will surely be up for some kind of award.

Check out this other cool skating video here.

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