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WATCH: Hawindo, the Most Extreme Barrel Rolls to Surf On

Two of the most beautiful and challenging places to surf in the world.

Hawindo is the most recent sought after compilation that showcases both Hawaii and Indo’s supreme surfing experience. The almost five minute long video is nothing less of stunningly beautiful and somewhat surreal.

Surfing in Hawaii dates back to the 4th century A.D. It was here that the sport of surfing began to grow and plant its seeds that would go on to last lifetimes. A long time ago, only the most royal of Hawaiians were aloud to surf on the best beaches with the biggest boards. This left commoners to find elsewhere to practice.
Video via Instagram

A huge part of culture back during this time was the connection with surfing and the Gods. The people would pray and chant for big swells to come into their community, and for their men to brave them.

In the 20th century, surfing was reborn and began to become immersed into the culture again. This shift started a fandom and obsession of the sport leading young people to quit their jobs simply to move to the islands.

Today, surfing is available to any person who feels challenged to take on the task. The culture and appreciation of surfing is one that is cherished both by the native people, and the outsiders looking in.

Image via Instagram
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