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VIDEO: Surfer Matt Bromley Is Back With The Second Instalment Of “Risky Ripples”

Visiting a tropical Jurassic Park in Indonesia.

Who else likes a good surfing video in the middle of Autumn? “Risky Ripples” fans have been waiting for this instalment since late August.

Matt Bromley, who I mainly refer to as “surfer guy,” has released the much anticipated second episode of his surf series “Risky Ripples.” So if anyone likes the idea of carving pumpkins and watching surf footage, then today is your lucky day.

The first episode, which can be viewed here, was published on Viemo on August 23rd, 2017. It features surfer guy Matt Bromley dominating the waves somewhere off the coast of Australia. The video also features plenty of slow motion shots and ambient music for that dreamy, endorphin-releasing atmosphere associated with the ocean.

This new episode takes place off the coast of the Indonesian island of Nias, where Bromley is chasing the phantom bombie, a massive wave left over from the 2004 Earthquake. The second installment also has more slo-mo shots and laid back surf music — personally, I would’ve preferred a soundtrack like this one, but I guess everyone is a critic.

Here’s a tip: watch the videos backwards with some Pink Floyd playing behind it and see if any of it syncs up. Even if it doesn’t, I imagine that it would still be a great way to spend your night.

As a person who has never even touched a surfboard, I don’t think I’d be able to give an accurate assessment of Bromley’s performance. But as someone who watches more sports-related accidents than normal sports videos, I have to say this guy is pretty good.

It isn’t all fish tacos and girls in bikinis in the world of surfing. Just so we’re all clear on how easily surfing can go wrong, here’s what it looks like when surfing goes wrong

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