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VIDEO: Shredbots Are Celebrating Bricktober By Boarding Across Austria And Switzerland

They’re back shredding up the slopes!

Once again, here are the folks from Shredbots with another instalment from the Mayhem series.

That’s right extreme sports fans, it’s time for me to pretend I know enough about snowboarding long enough to write a short article about the makers of the following promo. The video you see below is the most recent short film by the cold thrill-seekers, known in the online snowboarding world as Shredbots. Shredbots is a group of dedicated snowboarders who like to periodically put out videos showing off their skills and their passion. Check out their latest video which — as the guy in the very beginning will tell you — will give you “the spins.”

Hope you like the fisheye lens.

This is from their Mayhem series, which in past instalments has brought us from Mammoth Mountain, in California, all the way across the country to Bear Mountain, in New York. Now they’re boarding across Europe and making stops at Switzerland’s Saas-Fee Glacier, and the Stubai in Austria.

I don’t know much about snowboarding but I can at least tell you my favorite parts are at 2:59, 4:25, and 6:02. For anyone who’s interested in learning how to work a dishwasher, skip ahead to 2:38.

If you’re interested in more videos from the Mayhem series you can look up Shredbots on Facebook, Youtube, and probably plenty of other social media sites. If you’re interested in the dangerous history of snowboarding, check out this video that shows that snowboarding is more than just a sport — it’s also a liability.

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