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Serbian Comedian is Doing Suprisingly Well in Presidential Election Polls

“I’m lying to my people and they’re reacting well!”

During the recent Serbian presidential campaign, 25-year-old comedian Luka Maksimovic garnered a lot of attention. He entered the election as a joke, parodying the corruption that goes on in Serbian politics, but ended up with a lot of success. He even reached the #2 spot in the election polls.

Maksimovic ran in the election as the character “Ljubisa Preletatevic”, a parody of the corruption in Serbian politics. He has a horse, a man bun, an all-white suit, and he’s here to steal your money.

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As he campaigned, “Ljubisa Preletatevic” was open about his corruption. He also told lies and made promises that he clearly couldn’t keep. Maksimovic stayed in character interviews like this one, which really displays just how ridiculous he is.

Some of his antics include:

  • Asking people to send their money directly to his pocket
  •  Promising to move the sea so that they can have a beach
  • Making music videos to campaign
  • promising no corruption except for his own

The people are eating it up.

You can watch a video interview here:

If you like making fun of politics, you should see this video edit of Putin singing.

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