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Was Channel 37 Always Static Because of Aliens?

Was one channel dedicated to alien exploration?

Credit: smokeghost / Flickr

For decades, people across the globe have enjoyed television, whether it be for the local news, the weekend cartoons, or anything in between really. While the adoration of the television flourished for many years, it seemed that channel 37 was always static. With easy access to multiple streaming platforms, such as Netflix, Hulu, HBO Max, and more, this concept may seem obsolete – but the origin of its meaning could be quite exciting. 

It all started in 1952, when the U.S. Federal Communications Commission gave the television system access to ultra high frequency signals (UHFs). This action increased the amount of TV stations extremely, rocketing to 2,051 from a minor 108 stations. 

While TV was making its mark, an amazing 400-foot-wide radio telescope was operating in Danville, Illinois. It worked at a frequency that competed with these TV stations – 610 MHz. Now, was was the reason behind the creation of this large telescope? Well, buckle up. 

Karl Jansky, Bell Laboratories employee and radio engineer, went on the hunt for why there was static interrupting the radio waves in 1931. He discovered some amazing news – the static belonged to an extraterrestrial source centered in the Milky Way!

The scientists needed the frequency channel 37 provided for their telescope! After a lot of fight, the scientists were allotted channel 37 for scientific research. Do you think they have found or seen any aliens?

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