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Not Built by Homo sapiens – Scientists Discover “Extraordinary” 476,000-Year-Old Wooden Structure

Wooden Structure
Image Source: Professor Larry Barham, University of Liverpool

In today’s whirlwind world, folks tend to label older tech as “Stone Age,” creating a distance between us and our ancient kinfolk who, truth be told, had more smarts than we often give ’em credit for.

Recently, a crew of archaeology whizzes, led by Larry Barham outta the University of Liverpool, shook things up. They dropped a bombshell of evidence, dating back 476,000 years, from the mucky depths of Kalambo Falls in Zambia.

Now, Kalambo Falls is like a time capsule, showin’ off human history from hundreds of thousands of years ago.

Barham and the gang hit the jackpot – they found a wooden wonderland. There was this funky thing called a “wedge,” a diggin’ stick, a log sliced and diced with tools, and even a branch with a fancy notch.

So, why’s this ancient woodwork causin’ such a ruckus in the age of AI and bots?

Well, turns out our early hominin buddies knew how to work their magic with wood. They weren’t just whittlin’ sticks; they were buildin’ slick wooden structures. We can’t pin down which species built ’em, but Homo heidelbergensis or somethin’ like Homo naledi could’ve been in the mix.

Now, let’s chat archaeology for a sec. It’s like diggin’ into history with the stuff our ancestors left behind. But, we gotta remember, it’s a bit one-sided. We know lots ’bout stones ’cause they’re stubborn survivors. Wood, though, that’s a different story. It ain’t easy to find wood from over 400,000 years ago unless you’re in a desert or a soggy place like Kalambo Falls.

So, with scarce evidence, we had theories ’bout early woodwork, but no hard proof. Archaeology’s all ’bout the facts. Kalambo Falls threw that curveball, turnin’ theories into facts, and rewriting tech history.

But here’s the kicker. Sometimes, we see history as a one-way street, leading to modernity with fancy gadgets. They thought early folks had puny brains. But, hey, maybe they knew more than we gave ’em credit for. That wooden marvel from Kalambo Falls? It’s a prime example of design, tech, and eco-friendliness – a real “green technology” in our book.

We’ve got this notion of “progress,” but maybe our ancient pals had the right idea with wood. It’s eco-friendly, not like those modern materials that last forever and heat up the planet.

Sure, wood has its downsides – fire and decay, anyone? But it’s worth considerin’. Our ancestors might’ve been more eco-conscious than we thought.

So, summin’ it up, Kalambo Falls spills the beans that early humans, once in a while, dabbled in materials other than stones. They got creative with wood, maybe even for medicine and fuel.

But hey, we need more proof from the Stone Age days to see how they really rolled with wood. Who knows, we might just need to rebrand that era as the “Wood Age.”

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