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Amazing Team of Scientist Make History for Paralysis Patients

Can they really connect a brain to a computer?


So a new invention has been developed to help those with paralysis–but I am skeptical. Call me anti-government or just purely insane, but do any of us really understand the affects of technology on the brain?

So, researchers at Brown University have found a way to connect a brain to a computer wirelessly. After reading a bit about how it works, I believe I’ve honed in on a simple explanation.

The equipment is placed on top of the individual’s head where it can somehow connect to the brain through the brain’s “motor cortex”. The BrainGate, name of the device, is then able to get to the same level of accuracy and speed as the brain.


After this, the people in the trial who were connected were able to navigate simple tasks on a tablet such as pointing, clicking, and typing. The whole idea is that people can now be monitored from possibly anywhere! Usually paralysis patients are limited to as far as the wires can reach. Now, we can envision a new, mobile reality.

OK, so now for what I’m worried about. If we can now connect technology to people’s brains, even if currently underdeveloped, what’s next? Mind control has never seemed so feasible!

This is a huge stepping stone I may still say. If you would have told people 100 years ago that we’d be connecting the mind to a tablet? No one would ever believe them. Maybe we will be thinking the same thing in another 100 years when we have computers in our brains…

Let’s not get ahead of ourselves just set, let’s remember that we as humans do things such as “beer runs”. In fact, Apple Studios has decided to fund a film about the most legendary beer run in history. So, I think it’s safe to say mind control is a bit far out to worry about– I hope.

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