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Samsung Galaxy Unpacked launch live: last-minute rumors on Galaxy Fold 5, Flip 5, Watch 6, and more

Catch the Samsung Galaxy Unpacked launch live for last-minute rumors on the Galaxy Fold 5, Flip 5, Watch 6, and more!

Samsung Galaxy Fold 5
Image Source: Brand new Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 in gray green color. The foldable smart phone has 5 cameras — 3 exterior lenses and 2 selfie cameras. Partially open in landscape mode. (@ RYO Alexandre) From

Hold onto your hats, folks, ’cause Samsung is about to unleash a storm of foldable goodness with the Galaxy Z Fold 5 and Galaxy Z Flip 5, all set to dazzle in the upcoming Samsung Unpacked event! This is one showdown you won’t wanna miss, but let me warn you, it’s gonna be an early morning for those watching from the US.

Now, don’t let the fact that Samsung’s been in the foldable phone game for five years fool you. This time around, they’ve got some fierce competition on their hands. Google’s Pixel Fold, a $1,800 Pixel device, has decided to take a page from Samsung’s book, unfolding to reveal an inner tablet-sized screen. And rumor has it that OnePlus has its own foldable phone in the pipeline, ready to shake things up even more!

But that’s not all, my friends! Motorola’s back in the US market with its $1,000 Razr Plus, setting its sights on Samsung’s Z Flip series. This new Razr boasts a larger cover screen, giving it the power to run most Android apps like nobody’s business. Oh, and let’s not forget, Motorola’s got an even more affordable Razr model on the horizon, complete with a smaller cover screen.

And it ain’t just about phones, folks! Samsung’s summer Unpacked events always pack a punch with updates to the Galaxy Watch series. Brace yourselves, though, because this time it’s not just Samsung’s Galaxy Watch facing off against the competition – Google’s Pixel Watch is in on the action too! But don’t worry, despite their collaboration on Wear OS, Samsung’s got some tricks up its sleeve with its own software enhancements and shiny new Samsung Health updates.

CNET’s gonna be right in the thick of it, covering the whole Samsung Unpacked event live! Get ready for a wild ride, with a live blog and watch party bringing you the latest scoop and unveiling of all those new devices.

Now, let’s get to the important part – how and when to watch this epic showdown! Samsung’s Unpacked event kicks off on July 26 at 4 a.m. PT, 7 a.m. ET, 12 p.m. in the UK, and 9 p.m. in Australia. Yeah, that’s right, it’s bright and early due to Samsung hosting the event at 8 p.m. local time in Seoul.

Don’t fret, you can catch the action live on and Samsung’s YouTube channel. And for those who prefer to stay in the loop with the inside scoop, CNET’s got you covered with their live blog and watch party streaming on CNET’s YouTube channel.

Now, what can we expect at this jaw-dropping event? Well, based on the teaser invitation, you can bet your bottom dollar that foldable phones are stealing the spotlight. The tagline “Join the flip side” says it all – it’s all about the Galaxy Z Fold series and Galaxy Z Flip series updates, folks!

But that’s not all, folks. Samsung’s known for pulling out all the stops, and alongside those foldable wonders, we might just get a glimpse of the latest Galaxy Watch and Samsung Health updates. Oh, and keep your eyes peeled for some design and battery changes too!

Rumors have been swirling like a tornado, hinting at possible S Pen slots for the Z Fold 5, making it a productivity beast to reckon with. And speaking of Z Fold 5, it might flaunt a new hinge for a smoother, slimmer profile. Meanwhile, the Z Flip 5 is rumored to sport a larger cover screen, unlocking a world of possibilities when closed.

But that’s not all, my dear readers! Samsung’s got a whole bag of surprises to unpack. There might be new Galaxy Buds headphones, features for their other Galaxy phones, and even a “business model” for the Galaxy Watch 6. The possibilities are endless, and we’ll know soon enough when the Samsung Unpacked event arrives on July 26.

So mark those calendars, set those alarms, and brace yourselves for a tech extravaganza that’ll leave you in awe. Samsung Unpacked, here we come!

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