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Polish Gym Rebrands as Church to Avoid COVID Closure

Is leg day worth the risk?

Photo Credit Wikimedia|Gym Stretch

For those disappointed about being unable to keep up their gym regimen, there may be a solution: move to Poland!

A Polish gym has avoided coronavirus restrictions by rebranding as a church so it can stay open.

One week ago, Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki ordered gyms, pools, and aquaparks to close. The closure directions came after a steep rise in cases. The Atlantic Sports and Fitness Club in Kraków devised a devilish solution to their problem!

In a post on Facebook, gym manager Marta Jamróz stated fitness classes would now be redefined as a religious congregation of the ‘Church of the Healthy Body’, while the gym itself has been rebranded as the ‘Atlantic Store’, encouraging visitors to ‘test’ its equipment.

The post reads: “Dear customers, we know you’ve been waiting for our decision…We were waiting for the regulation and we were hoping that despite yesterday’s press conference of the prime minister, someone would get wise and change their decision… Unfortunately, we didn’t make it.

“So we have to act ourselves. Since the gym cannot function – in our place from today we are opening an ATLANTIC STORE with workout equipment – our PKD is also 4764 Z, so we can and we invite everyone who wants to test our machines for consideration.

“Since fitness classes cannot function – a religious congregation of members of the pn union are starting today at our club, ‘Church of the Healthy Body’. Hard to believe? Everything is possible in this world. Enlightened Olek and Czcigodna Gosia invite you to special religious events today.”

Marta made clear that the changes were due to potential job losses.

She said: “Yesterday, as we learned about government plans, none of us wanted to believe it though… If someone doesn’t want to come to the club, they don’t have to! So why do you close places where people care about the health and condition and follow all sanitary rules?!

“We are not only fighting for health! We are now fighting for survival! About our jobs! About the people who came back and missed us! About the choice! That’s why – we greet our competition and other ‘kind’ people – but before you call where you want to call now to report us, think about whether you should fight too.

“These are tough decisions, but let’s not let our industry be destroyed. So we invite you to test the workout equipment in the Atlantic store, for the services of the Healthy Body Church led by our Elder Council, i.e. coaches not only mental, and for squash competition without audience participation.

“Dear customers, We are for you, and without you there is no us…”

The country’s health minister, Adam Niedzielski, said this loophole represents ‘extreme selfishness.’

In a tweet, he said: “I am terrified by the lack of responsibility of people trying to outdo each other in ideas to circumvent the existing restrictions. You are not only harming yourself, but you are putting others at risk – especially those at risk. This is extreme selfishness.”

Poland has recorded more than 183,000 coronavirus cases and 3,614 deaths, according to John Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Center.

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