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Paris Zoo Has a Brand New Attraction⁠— The Blob

Even scientist are unsure of its makeup…

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Something really interesting is happening at a Paris Zoo regarding a new attraction⁠— The Blob. Yes a blob. Scientist are unsure of what category to put this new creature into. Animal? Fungi?

The organism in unicellular, but has a number of odd characteristics. For example our blob has no brain, stomach, mouth or eyes, yet can detect and devour food. When cut in half, it can repair itself within minutes, and that’s not even the weirdest part.

Despite not having a brain the blob can communicate, learn, and transfer knowledge. Bruno David, director of the Paris Museum of Natural History claims the blob is an enigma.

“The blob is a living being which belongs to one of nature’s mysteries.

It surprises us because it has no brain but is able to learn (…) and if you merge two blobs, the one that has learned will transmit its knowledge to the other.

We know for sure it is not a plant but we don’t really if it’s an animal or a fungus.

It behaves very surprisingly for something that looks like a mushroom (…) it has the behavior of an animal, it is able to learn.”

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So yes, no one is quite sure what this creature is and what it is doing. We do know it has existed for sometime, but until now no one has attempted to contain it and use it as a Zoo attraction.

It seems things like these never end well, let’s just hope it doesn’t learn to eat people.

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