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Pablo Escobar’s Brother Attempts Trump Impeachment

Maybe this will be a new Narcos storyline.

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The current US government shutdown is now the longest in history surpassing the previous shutdown record of 21 days. With mounting frustrations surrounding the border wall, furloughed federal employees, the newly divided Congress, and perpetual Trump antics, everyone seems ready to blow. Even those outside the US are feeling effects of these stressors, and a certain someone is ready to do something about it.

Roberto De Jesus Escobar Gaviria – aka Pablo Escobar’s younger brother – happens to be that certain someone. Former accountant and co-founder of the infamous Medellín Cartel, Roberto now heads Escobar Inc. – a holding company for Pablo Escobar. Roberto is no stranger to the game of politics and power. As such, he has decided to take action against President Trump and the current administration.

Roberto and his colleagues at Escobar Inc. have launched a GoFundMe in an attempt to impeach the president. His fundraising goal? $50 million.

The following is Roberto’s official message about the plan:

“So far, everything Pablo and his family has done have become multi-billion dollar successful ventures.

I have always gotten what I want. Everything. I know how to negotiate, and I have the power to get things done. Trump will be impeached.

I am the brother of a Latin hero, I have eliminated many people from power and helped the poor and will do so again.”

We’re not so sure how great of a plan this is, Roberto. Firstly, there are laws and processes that must be followed to impeach a president in the US. In actuality, it’s pretty hard to vote a president out of office. Secondly, if throwing money at the situation would actually change anything, don’t you think an American millionaire would have already tried that?

Another point of contention here is the simple fact that the Escobar family was (and probably still is) a criminally engaged bunch. That $50 million is probably not going to go towards an impeachment effort…at least not all of it. Allegedly, Roberto plans to use the money for lobby firms, lawyers, and intelligence research, but who knows who true that is. Not even the most stringent Trump opponents would waste their precious dollars on a scheme like this.

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Does Roberto think Americans aren’t doing what they can to salvage what’s left of US domestic diplomacy?

The kicker here is that Roberto purportedly holds a smoking gun in the form of “dirty secrets” on Trump. Apparently Trump and Escobar Inc. did sleazy dealings back in the day. Most of Trump’s dirty laundry has already been aired so anything that Roberto has to add probably won’t surprise most people. Enough people voted a sociopath into American office, however; so perhaps giving millions of dollars to a former drug criminal is no sweat off some backs.

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