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New Jersey’s Online Casinos Are Better Than The Real Thing

Here’s why…


Gambling in the U.S has had a long and testing history. Much like any vice that has been confronted in America’s past, gambling has been spared no mercy in the eyes of the law. Being one of the most popular illegal enterprises back in the beginning of the 20th century, gambling has pushed its way back out to the top now becoming legal under federal law. 

At the end of the 1920’s the stock market crashed forcing all states into a crisis. Nevada made the decision to legalize gambling as an attempt to strengthen the economy, and it worked. Following the example, New Jersey also legalized the sport over 40 years ago. Gambling is fast becoming a well-recognized and accepted activity for all, it’s getting over the history for most that’s the hard part.  

Often times when something has a tarnished history the best thing to do is to reinvent it as something new, and that’s exactly was New Jersey has done. Gambling is now not only something that has to take place in a blackened, smoke ridden casino, but from anywhere all right in your pocket. 

The online gambling scene has come a long way is now not only easy to become a part of, it’s secure, deposits real money, and offers 500 games to choose from. Of course these include the classics such as Blackjack, Slots, Roulette, and even live dealing.  

Just the Facts: 

The Experts of have developed a 7 level criteria to judge whether or not an website is up to par. Casino Bonuses, Game Selection, Security, Browser, Mobile App, Banking, and support. All 21 of NJ’s casinos exceeded every single one of these necessities, placing it at the top for reliability.  

When thinking about playing online casinos, some may feel uncomfortable entering their personal information and putting real money up to bid, but this shouldn’t be a worry anymore with the technology of today. Banking options range from debit cards, to PayPal, electronic transfers, and even Pay Near Me which can be found at 7-elevens and CVS.  

What Now? 

Online gambling may still hold a stigma to many for coming from a background of crime, but like any good thing in this world (i.e. alcohol, weed, civil rights) it takes a fight. With the growing world and acceptance of gambling, groups like American Gambling Advocacy are pushing to get investments and legislation on board.  

In the wretched political climate in the U.S currently, it can be difficult to get any attention amidst the chaos. It may be time for gambling to become mainstream. New Jersey is one of the pioneering states to embrace casinos as part of their growing economy, maybe the rest of the country could learn something from them.

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