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Katie Hopkins Has Been Detained In South Africa And BANNED From Ever Returning

She probably deserved it.

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Katie Hopkins is a notorious bigot who takes pride in being vocal about her racist, homophobic, sexist, and all other highly prejudiced and controversial opinions.

Hopkins, previously a columnist for the Daily Mail, is no stranger to controversy. The woman’s entire career revolves around it in fact, and she generally appears to have little to no shame. Naturally, Hopkin’s attitude has led to her being disliked by a vast number of people. Some defend her and praise her honesty, but it’s probably safe to say that she is not one of Britain’s most cherished celebrities.

Recently, Hopkins took a trip to South Africa. The purpose of this trip was supposedly for a documentary to actually spread awareness. It is unsurprising that despite this supposed attempt at doing something positive, Hopkins couldn’t go about it without offending a whole lot of people.

During her visit, it is reported that after taking ketamine (for medical purposes) she began ‘spreading racial hatred’ and has been detained as a result. Authorities confiscated Hopkins’ passport, and she then proceeded to be very vocal about the events on her Twitter Page.

Some of her followers then proceeded to express concern. One of them pointed out that despite not being a fan of Katie, in South African prisons white women are systematically and brutally raped. While the situation does appear to not be being taken lightly, Hopkins clearly still had access to her phone which may suggest it wasn’t quite as dramatic as she was suggesting. Hopkins then posted a video explaining her predicament:

Naturally, Katie Hopkins’ initial thought was not one of empathy or remorse, but to contort it into something to gain attention on social media. She has since posted many more tweets and appears to be completely fine. It isn’t unrealistic to think that maybe Hopkins exaggerrated the truth slighly for her social media. However, whatever the situation is- maybe she can learn something from it and reflect on her actions. That almost definitely won’t happen though.

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