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Human Chain Formed By British Beachgoers Saves Man’s Life

Witness how one man’s life was saved by 30 people simply linking arms…

Credit: BNPS/ Emily Foote

On a British beach last week, one of the most dramatic, yet courageous displays of humanity was witnessed.

On Friday 21st August, a swimmer, believed to be in his mid 30’s, faced a battle like no other whilst going out for a lone swim.

Storm Ellen has battered parts of the UK recently, as a result of high tides and strong Force 7 to 8 winds. The man faced the full wrath of the sea after getting into difficulty and was rescued after other beachgoers formed a human chain to save his life.

Initially, it was thought that the man was simply just waving, but after soon realising he was in serious trouble, bodyboards and lifeguards ropes were all thrown to the man.  

In another dramatic moment, one brave rescuer attempted to run to the man but was blown back by the wind. That’s when around 30 beachgoers formed an amazing human chain to save both men, returning them both to safety.

Eyewitness Emily Foote, 27, said “We got there about nine in the morning, and this guy had been in and out of the water quite a few times throughout the morning. He seemed to know what he was doing and was probably about 50ft out for the most part.”

 “Around midday, the winds picked up and that’s when he started struggling. He managed to get closer and was pretty much just at the point where the waves broke but he couldn’t get back.”

“The whole beach applauded when the two men got back and they didn’t need any help from paramedics or anything like that. I’ve never seen the beach like that and full credit has to go to everyone who risked their own lives to save the swimmer.”

The coastguard had issued a serious warning prior to the rescue, urging beachgoers not to swim in the same spot where there had been several deaths in recent years.

People are reminded that if they are ever in difficulty, or see anyone in difficulty on the coast, to ring 99 and ask for the coastguard.

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