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Exciting Technological Developments Of The Past 20 Years

Things have come a long way.

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A lot has happened in the past twenty years concerning the technological sector, as new improvements are made almost every day, and there’s been a huge shift from the time before phones were common in every household to now when you can’t find someone without their own handheld! However, this can often be a good sign, as it represents the amount of progress we’ve made as a race when it comes to improving people’s lives and making communication easier! So, with that positive mindset at the forefront, here are a few of the most exciting technological developments we’ve seen in our lifetime.


The GPS has been around for longer than the past twenty years of course; it’s been used for military and naval purposes for about 50 years since its conception. Yet, only in the late 90s and the early 2000s did it become readily available to the wider public. We now use GPS in all situations, whether that be navigating a city on foot or by car, hiking through the hills and needing a signal to contact people, and even on a lot of the most common social networks!

There are so many types of GPS available out there that you’re guaranteed to find something that suits your various needs. Most people have it present in their phone, making it immediately at their fingertips for both trivial and serious situations, which just represents how common something can become in a teenager’s lifetime.

Stem Cell Research

Stem cell research has been around since the 60s, when the first bone marrow transplant was carried out, and yet it’s only taken on a life of its own since the late 90s. Stem cell research is being used more and more to treat genetic deficiencies and serious health conditions that people would otherwise have no chance of living with, and that makes it an incredibly exciting and useful development to have on our side!

Stem cells can be found in all animals, and can be injected in them too to make lives easier!

AI and Its Offshoots

AI is something that we’ve only really started hearing about in the past 10 years, give or take, and that makes it both exciting and scary. Something so modern that the world barely thought of it as more than a dream in the past, and yet we use it in some shape or form in everyday life. Take Siri for example, present on about half of all phone users’ models.

Even in the medical sector is artificial intelligence making lives easier. Voice recognition software is making patient records a lot easier to take and a lot more securer to keep, and that means services like DataMatrix Medical are on the up and up. People like having the menial tasks done for them, as it means we can get back to the more important things.

Technological developments are happening every day. Make sure you keep an eye out for the latest trend or progress; history is happening on our doorsteps!

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