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Donald Trump Fans Send Death Threats To UK’s Beloved David Attenborough

Too far.

Too far.

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As if Donald Trump fans couldn’t get any worse, now they’re threatening God, a.k.a. David Attenborough

In the wake of the 2016 presidential election, Trump fans have proved themselves to be the worst of all humans. No one needed them to keep going but they insisted and now Trump fans have been sending death threats to the incomparable David Attenborough.

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For you self-absorbed Americans who don’t pay attention to our pals across the pond, David Attenborough is to the United Kingdom what Morgan Freeman is to the United States. His old man charm and resonate baritone is beloved by all and his documentaries make learning fun. He even hung out with a sloth and taught us all about it’s poop schedule!

So why would the Trumpocolypse want to kill David Attenborough? Well, our pal Davy may have jokingly suggested that we shoot Donald Trump, but hey he’s one of the most educated men out there (see knowledge about sloth poop) and maybe we should trust his judgement. Either way, Trump fans are angry (but really when are they not mad about something insignificant?) and have been sending death threats to Attenborough.

An example of the messages sent by the fervent Trumpians are:

“How about we put 2 in the back your head.”

Another kind soul wrote:

“Kill him!”

As if that weren’t enough, others have called for the FBI and Secret Service to investigate Attenborough’s joking comments. Let’s not waste the FBI’s time with this, considering Trump just settled a $25 million dollar law suit to cover up his fraudulent Trump University. Does anyone else smell a diversion of the media’s attention in order to take the spotlight off of Trump’s real failings and possible (absolute) corruption and criminality?

Now more than ever, people need this guide with the top tips to survive a Trump presidency. And to all those in the UK, please protect David Attenborough and pray that he makes a savage documentary to expose Trump for the toupee wearing orange that he truly is.

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