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Oxford Students Vote To Ban Meat From Dining Halls To Combat Climate Change

An effort to address the climate crisis…

Credit: Pixabay / falco

In a collective effort to reduce the impacts of meat consumption on the environment, students from the University of Oxford vote to ban red meat on-campus eating centers. 

The goal for the Oxford Student Union is to remove beef and lamb from the campus dining centers as well as for other areas offering food. On November 17, the union voted to ban red meat in a motion passed with 31 votes to 9. 

Before reaching 2030, this institution has set a goal to cut down on its carbon emissions by 50%. While this decision could help achieve this mission, there are still some obstacles to overcome.

For one, college butteries have their food policies. The rule will not modify these areas, therefore red meat can be on the menu. 

Pixabay / vika-imperia550

On top of this exception, even the union itself cannot impose its will on university policy. If this ban is to become a rule, it is up to the union’s representatives to compel the university of the ban’s significance. 

Even if there was consensus about the problems posed by meat consumption to the environment, the university faces internal conflicts. 

The motion recognizes that Oxford University lacks in leadership involving issues of the environment. 

“As the U.K’s premier university, the nation looks to oxford for leadership. but Oxford has shown a lack of leadership in addressing climate change. 

The banning of beef and lamb at the university-catered events and outlets is a feasible and effective strategy to help the university meet its revised 2030 goal”

Despite the hardships, Food & Living Vegan reports Oxford is moving forward in a direction to realize its sustainability drive.

Already the university has imposed measures against plastic bottles and ‘unsustainable fish’ while catering to a vegan population. 

Do you find yourself supporting the meat ban? You can ‘Earn £2,000 by Going Vegan for a Month!‘. 

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