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COP26 Chauffeur Cars Left Running During Talks About The State Of The Climate Crisis

Definitely doesn’t send a good message about taking climate change seriously.

Credit: Mattie Blume/Wikimedia

Climate change: seems like all the talk is just that, talk. World leaders meet every year to talk about how they are going to make emissions better in their country but then do very little to show for it afterward. It does take time for changes to be made, laws to be written and passed. But very little has been done globally to actually show that they are all taking this seriously. And let’s face it, the past four years the U.S. was stuck under an idiot leader who didn’t believe in any of this and withdrew from the Paris Climate Agreement.

COP26 is currently underway in Glasgow and already it is off to a bumpy start. Protesters have been out in force telling the world leaders what they really think of them and how they are handling the crisis as well as now seeing the chauffeur cars being left running while they are parked. This has sent social media and protesters into a frenzy, saying this proving their point that the leaders do not care like they say they do.

How Are The Talks Going? People Outside Certainly Want To Know

[Credit: Channel 4 News/YouTube]

With the sight of chauffeur vehicles running outside of COP26, the reaction on social media has been overwhelming with anger and frustration:

“This is why we won’t get an agreement. They just don’t get it!”

“Train station is closer to the events than those cars. Taxis would be better than having cars idle for hours.”

“There is public bike hire in Glasgow and it’s a dry day. City centre is less than 30 mins walk, the main hotels are even closer. They should make an effort.”

“Nothing new. Just a bunch of hypocrites living at the expenses of others, through guilt and virtue signalling.”

Via Twitter

The frustration is legitimate. There really is no reason why those cars should be running while the leaders are in the meeting. Doesn’t make much sense that leaders have to have cars running outside of their houses at night either. They could be looking at things like this in their meetings as well. Hopefully, some changes will actually be made and fast. Earth is running out of time.

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