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Britannia Rules The Waves Of Drug And Alcohol Use

The figures will surprise you!


I was sitting outside the pub last week with some mates when one of them said, “English culture is dead.” In response, I raised my pint. We’ve still got our drink culture intact. And it looks like a lot of my fellow Brits agree!

A recent report by the Global Drug Survey revealed that British people get drunk on average more than any other country in the world. The average British person gets drunk on average 51 times a year, in comparison with a global mean of 33.

But it’s not just getting hammered that we have excelled in. Britain also has the highest recorded level of cocaine use. Of the 120,000 participants surveyed, 43% said they had used cocaine at some point in their lives. However, this was up at 74% in British participants.

Don’t get me wrong – live and let live and all – but that’s way higher than I would have anticipated. I’m expecting this will probably spawn several more reports as people try to find out what effect this is having on British society.

Fun Facts/Global Drug Survey

But it looks like Brits aren’t the only ones who like a cheeky bev! Check out the shoplifter in Texas who Executed an Epic Beer Run.

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