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This Biomedical Smart Jacket Will Save Many Lives

African invention that detects pneumonia.

Credit: African innovations that can save the world

African inventor created a Biomedical Smart Jacket that can detect pneumonia, the inventor affirms that this Smart Jacket will save many lives as its detection range is faster than doctors.

This Smart Jacket is the response to the pneumonia problem in Africa.

Brian Turyabaye is the mastermind behind Mama-Ope the Biomedical Smart Jacket that detects pneumonia with high accuracy. It analyses the chest and then the information is gathered via Bluetooth to a smartphone app.

Nevertheless, Mr. Turyabaye is originally from Uganda and he is aware of how deadly pneumonia is. This deadly condition is responsible for 16% of all deaths of children under five due to slow diagnosis.

Moreover, Mr.Turyabaye told CNN how his business partner Olivia Kuburongo lost her grandmother to pneumonia; the lady received the wrong diagnosis to Malaria and then the prognosis reports showed she had pneumonia instead.

Also, Turyabaye says misdiagnosis to Malaria is really common in Africa.

Furthermore, there are reports showing the deaths to children caused by this condition by UNICEF, the NGO writes that half a million children under five die in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Brian Turyabagye testing the biomedical smart jacket.
Credit: African innovations that can save the world

Now, this invention started as a small project by Turyabaye and Kuborongo, they had a lot of research with the support of medical experts to understand what they were dealing with.

Then, with the help of his tutor Mwikirize Cosmas at the University of Makerere in Uganda, and a hardworking team, Turyabaye created Mama-Ope, the biomedical smart jacket.

Further, Mama-Ope means the Hope of the Mother, called due to the high infant death rates in Uganda, approximately 27,000 children die of pneumonia there. This is a jacket that measures body temperature, hart rate and lung condition.

The biomedical jacket diagnoses pneumonia faster than a doctor, offering hope against a disease which kills more children worldwide than any other.
Credit: African innovations that can save the world

More slantingly, a Stethoscope is often compared to this technology. It stretches across the chest and side of a patient body. It surveys specific points on the lungs for symptoms of pneumonia.

Moreover,  Pneumonia characteristic is a swelling of the lungs caused by infection.

Again, a mobile phone app functions with the Smart-Jacket to send, record, and analyse medical data.

This invention has recognition worldwide and it won a prize for African entrepreneurs.

Finally, the biomedical jacket though only in its prototype phase, will be beneficial to the entire world once is finally out to the public.

This invention will save many live and it will bring hope to communities in need.

Want to read more about African inventions, check out this article.

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