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Attention To Detail: The Proof Is In The iPhone

A piece of technological genius.

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About 91% of the world seems to rock an iPhone of some description (while that bitter 9% will make as much noise about the fact they haven’t got one as a hippo yawning, both of which are equally boring noises to endure). But for all the iPhone users out there – all of who rely so heavily on their smartphones – how many of them know just how much effort goes into making one.

First off, is the assembly line. Yes, on the packaging are the words “designed in California”, something Apple is remarkably proud of, but the reality of assembly is somewhat different. Ask the question, “how many countries does it take to make an iPhone”, and you will hear people from all over the world cheer: USA, Germany, South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, Australia, Brazil, India, France, India, Turkey, Poland, Mexico, Philippines and a whole bunch more.

But that’s only part of it. That’s only part of what makes this device so darn interesting (aside from all the amazing stuff it can do, of course). The other part of it that totally blows our minds is all the little components that make it what it is. If these don’t work together, nothing works at all. Basically, microelectronics is the unsung hero of the iPhone, one which you can get more details here. Anyway, without further ado, here is a list of the interesting parts that make up the iPhone. How many of them do you reckon you’ve heard of? And how many do you reckon you’ve appreciated?

Accelerometer: This is what measures the force of acceleration. Yeah, you know that Nike app you use; it requires this.

Audio chips: This is what gives you that amazing sound quality you’re always going on about to non-iPhone users.

Battery: Okay, we don’t want to mention this because it still needs work. A lot of work.

Camera: The iPhone X made the headlines for a lot of reasons, and the camera was one. It has a dual 12-megapixel camera with optical image stabilization and an incredible low light performance.

4G Chips: For all those “I can’t wait to get home and look at memes and YouTube” moments you experience on a daily basis.

Compass: You may never get lost in the wilderness because you’ve gone all Christopher McCandless on the world, but it’s pretty cool to know you can without getting too lost. Kind of.

OLED Screen: Your mind will be blown when you use the X for the first time. It is a thing of beauty and genius.

Gyroscope: This little unsung hero uses the Earth’s gravity to determine the orientation of your phone, which is a) what helps your phone go fullscreen with ease and b) play games like Temple Run.

Okay, we’re running out of time and space now, so we’re just gonna go with a list of the rest:

Flash memory

Face ID scanner

Fingerprint scanner

Touchscreen controller

Wi-Fi Chip

A-series processor

Glass screen

LCD screen

And, yeah, a whole bunch of other things that are so unheard of that they just come in serial numbers. Basically, your iPhone deserves a whole lot of admiration on a minutely – if not a tri-minutely – basis. Period.

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