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Apple Watch Know-How: 5 Things It Can Do Besides Tell You The Time

Lots more to it than you might think.

 Image by: Olihur Rahman

Let me guess. You always hop on board the latest tech craze, but you’re not really sure why. Your best mate has just bought one, so why don’t you? You unwrap the clear, shiny packaging to reveal a device so new and glossy you can see your face in it. What a relief it is to own an Apple product which you haven’t cracked, dropped or scraped yet. It’s almost too sacred to remove from the box. Once you’ve summoned up the courage to carefully peel back the flawless, protective film from the tiny screen you’re not quite sure what to do with it. It looks striking, but how are you going to use it? Fear not, for help is at hand.

  1. Clever with Weather

The Apple Watch is your personal weatherman. Not only does it send you important weather alerts, but it can be a host to loads of cool weather apps which will keep you up to speed with the latest forecast. Oh no. They’re predicting a cold snap overnight, but you’re staying at your mate’s house. Your house is going to be freezing when you get home. Not a problem. With the Apple Watch you can actually control your smart home and pop the heating on whenever you want. Handy!

  1. No Wallet? No Worries.

You’re sick of lugging around a fat wallet in the back of your pocket. It can hardly shut with paper receipts, crumpled train tickets and notes bulging out of the sides. Leave your wallet at home and don’t fret. The Apple Watch is designed to stash loyalty cards from your favourite coffee joint, tickets to an upcoming gig and it’s linked to your bank account. If it was just you and your new watch on a night out together you’d be pretty much sorted!

  1. Variety is the Spice of Life

We can’t ignore the fact that your Apple Watch looks simply awesome. With a variety of Apple watch straps you can mix it up as frequently as you wish. Whether you’re heading out for a swanky meal and need to up your sophistication game or you’re chilling out at the park and fancy a casual vibe. You’re all covered!

  1. Gym Buddy Galore

Your go-to gym pal has ditched you again, but you need to stay motivated. Never fear the ultimate training chum lives right there, on your wrist. The Apple Watch can do tonnes of super cool health-related things, like monitor and share your heartbeat with you and your friends. It can also track your steps without a fuss and will motivate you to do workouts that are totally Instagram worthy.

Image by: Tirachard Kumtanom
  1.  The Perfect Personal Assistant

You’re a bit of a scatter brain and you’re the type of person who leaves post-it-notes on the bathroom mirror to remind yourself of things every single day. Forget the paper and save the trees. Siri is your very own virtual assistant. It’ll keep you on task for the whole day and it’ll send you calendar reminders as often as you need them. No more getting totally lost on your walk home from work either, fire up the built in sat nav and you’ll find your way in no time.

If you hadn’t already got on board with the Apple Watch craze, you might’ve been persuaded to give it a go. Think of the multitude of activities and useful things you’ll have literally at your fingertips.

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