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An Extensive Review Of The Livall Bling BH60SE Helmet

We take a look at just how good it is.

Livall Helmet – Any cyclist who has experienced a crash will attest to the importance of bike helmets in protecting them from a dangerous head injury. Research shows that the risk of head injuries in cycling is reduced by roughly 60% when helmets are worn. 

The Livall Bling BH60SE cycling helmet is the new smart safety helmet for sports cyclists. Upon its technology standards, it lives up to the strict EU safety regulations, boasting eye-catching rear lighting and SOS trigger text message if there happens to be a crash. 

Why should every cycler be in love with this helmet? 

Design and Features 

This Livall Helmet commuter model claims to fit heads within a diameter of 55-61cm. As a crash helmet, it’s protected with a shell that is made of polycarbonate and compressed polystyrene.  

There is also a sweat pad of suitable thickness that allows size adjustment and has chin straps to prevent ear chafing. 


The helmet comes with an accelerator, Bluetooth connectivity, microphone, LED lighting and speakers. There is also a USB charge port that is under the front brow with control buttons and a microphone as well.  

The speakers allow audio enjoyment without your peripheral hearing disturbed by in-ear headphones. 

The “Bling” in its name comes from the LED lighting. You can set the LEDs to fade in, pulse or flash. There are three lower LEDs on each side that act as turn indicators. 


In the event of a crash, the helmet’s built-in accelerator detects the impact of the crash and pings a text message to a selected emergency contact with your location included in it. 

The remote control and mobile app of the Livall Bling BH60SE are subtle yet effective. It pairs with the helmet and app via Bluetooth and notifies you of power on/off, other connections and low battery warnings.  

The left and right arrows on the remote trigger the turn indicators. Also, the up and down buttons skip forward or backward when music tracks are playing. Additionally, the central button answers a call or pauses the music. There are other buttons with great functionalities on the remote control device as well. 

With the app, you can set up SOS contacts and alter light patterns. It also records cycling data over time. Users can plot the longest distance traveled and other statistical facts. The downside with it is that, apart from the SOS function, there isn’t much new.  

This Livall Helmet is handy in making calls. This is because, with lower speeds, it is convenient when you do not have to get your phone out every time you want to make a call. 

Its battery is also efficient as LEDs do not really reduce the battery life. With a three-hour charge, the helmet LEDs offer up to eight hours on the default Bling setting. It might reduce with music and phone use, though. 


Overall, the crash helmet is good for its crash messaging function, stable battery life, calling at low speed and its attractive price.  

Furthermore, your safety is guaranteed with the Livall Bling Bike Helmet while promising that exciting riding experience. Your riding experience with the bike helmet will be safety and usability fulfilling. 

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