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America’s Highest Paid Legal Sex Worker Sues Nevada

A legal sex worker picking a fight with a state governor…

Credit: Youtube / Alice Little

Dissatisfied with the closure of brothels in Nevada, America’s highest-paid legal sex worker, Alice Little, files a lawsuit.

For the length of the pandemic, the state’s governor Steve Sisolak took measures to limit physical contact.

Sisolak kept brothels closed during phase 2 yet reopened bars and restaurants in May.

Among the affected was Little’s top source of subsistence, Moonlite Bunny Ranch.

However, according to the New York Post, Little insists that “The governor’s decision to keep brothels closed is just blatant discrimination against Nevada’s legal sex workers.”

Credit: New York Post

In the lawsuit, Little claims that the closure of brothels has caused financial hardships for individuals working in the sex industry.

From sex workers to strippers, many are finding the current state of the pandemic deprives them of the opportunity to continue working.

On Little’s GoFundMe account, she expresses, “Nevada’s governor has unfairly kept the legal brothels closed while allowing other high-contact businesses, such as massage parlors, spas, and salons, to reopen.”

Already supporters of her cause helped her raise close to $9,000 out of her $50,000 campaign to fund the lawsuit.

The lawsuit states that registered sex workers should have the right to work at home or in private locations and offer clients their services if Sisolak’s decision stands.

Nonetheless, days before the lawsuit, Sisolak informed The Nevada Independent that “Certainly we’re going to have to look at getting kids back into schools before we look at getting folks back into brothels.”

Moreso, the data presented by the World Health Organization reveals that the country is not in its prime condition to prioritize anything but the health of citizens.

Credit: World Health Organization

With 15,203,208 confirmed cases, 230,852 new cases, and 287,384 deaths, health officials not only recommend but urge individuals to practice social distancing.

What should be our priority: the economy or the safety of the public? If you are stuck between the two, read ‘Installment Loans Online: A Blessing For People During Coronavirus‘. 

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