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4 Important Measures To Take When Getting A New Phone

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Purchasing a new phone can be an exciting time. This may sound silly to those who aren’t in the interest of getting emotional about purchases, but for many, our phones have become our third-arms, devices we use to read out and access the online highway, connecting us to almost everyone in the world. 

It’s our portal to culture, news, entertainment, politics, and more. You can source jobs on the internet, and connect with people, no matter what country they’re in, that share your particular form of outlook.

Yet as these devices have become more complex in their offered output, they have also become more complex to manage. No longer do we use phones for the singular purpose of playing games, or the age-old functionalities of only calling and texting, but we use them to organize our lives. So, suggesting a few measures that will help you organize your new phone is really promoting guidelines to help you organize your digital life.

So – the advice better be useful.

With these 4 important measures to take when getting a new phone, you’ll be sure to transition smoothly:

Enable/Transfer 2 Factor Authentication

2 Factor Authentication is essential to ensuring digital security for all of your accounts. It serves as a secondary catch-all in case your passwords are compromised. Logging into an account on an unknown device will prompt your account to request a code you will have been given in advance. These codes regularly cycle around once every 30 seconds, and can be tracked in apps like Authy or Google Authenticator. Some services even hold their own in-app options for this.

Just be careful not to only use SMS authentication, and avoid it entirely if you can. It can be compromised, leading to some very-high-level hacks on Twitter, including @jack, Jack Dorsey, head of Twitter himself. Apps are far superior because they are a local option. If you have 2 factor codes on your old phone, transfer them across, or deregister and reregister on the new phone. This will help you ensure your security translates. As most of us host our entire lives within the services we use, this can be a worthwhile use of your time.

Sync Your Contacts

Sync your contacts with the apps you use (if that’s appropriate to you). It will help you find your new contacts on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and other services you use. It will help you find them on messenger apps. It will also help you easily share cloud files, or connect with them when signing into new and exciting services.

This kind of immediate synchronicity gives you the chance to connect with those that are important to you – without having to ask them for their contact information several times over. If your phone has a hybrid double-sim slot expansion, you can also separate your work and personal contacts, allowing you to more easily live a private online life, away from the machinations of corporate eyes. 

Begin/Sign Into Your Cloud

Cloud storage is perhaps one of the most convenient utilities we could ever use, but have you considered how best to use it? If you have a PC app for the kind of cloud storage service you use, you may be able to transfer files directly from your PC to your phone and vice versa. None of us live on one device alone these days, which means learning how to adequately and quickly use your cloud options will help you move seamlessly from one mode of interaction to the other.

You can also transfer photos between devices through the methods advised at, a worthwhile alternate option. 

Enable Double Accounts

As alluded to before, double accounts can often be used for many apps. If you manage Facebook pages, have more than one Whatsapp account, or wish to have a ‘dating Snapchat’ to weed out the people you’re only talking to casually from those you wish to bring into your actual personal life, double account features are available on both Android and iPhone. This can help you keep things compartmentalized. It also allows you to set your notifications in specific directions, alerting you to the most important considerations while also reducing how put-upon you feel by the apps you save for a certain time of day.

This feature has given us a means in which to manage ourselves more easily, without having to sign in through different devices or browsers. As such, we recommend making full use of it.

With this advice, we hope you can apply the 5 most important measures when purchasing and configuring a new phone.

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