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Japanese Amusement Park Lets You Work From Its Ferris Wheel

We should have one of these parks in every single city!

Photo by Kyrylo Kholopkin on Unsplash

We didn’t walk into 2020 knowing we will be spending 8+ months of the year in quarantine. Working and studying from our bedrooms, kitchen tables, or living rooms. So this company in Japan heard us out and opened its Yomiuriland Theme park to the public. You can now work out of a Ferris wheel if you happen to be near Tokyo. 

Starting October 15, right in time for halloween, the amusement park will accept visitors for 1,900 yen per person, or 3,600 yen per pair. 

The ticket buys you a daily poolside work station, which is probably better than your bedroom and kitchen table, with your choice of chair and Wi-Fi points.

If you wish to work while enjoying a ride on the Ferris wheel, you can pay an additional fee and gain access to a Wi-Fi-equipped sit on the Ferris wheel. 

With the daily pass, which costs approximately $18 USD, you can also enjoy the Go-Karts, Roller coasters, and the Laser Tags, after you are done working. 

Even though it is required for the patrons to wear masks, however, it comes strongly recommended by the park and company, for everyone to wear masks and to respect social distancing. 

The pandemic may have been the worse thing that has happened to some of us, whether it be academically or professionally. But we have to give some credit to all the creativity and new innovations that our fellow human beings have come with, that will probably change the course of most of our lifestyles. 

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