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Why It’s Crucial To Spend Time In Nature

There’s good reason.

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Living in a digital world where spending most of your time in front of the computer can have a very damaging impact on your quality of life.   

People have lost touch with Mother Earth, and going back to nature is a habit that is beneficial to the overall health and wellbeing. Be it hiking, or long walks, spending time in nature has been proven to create long-lasting benefits to one’s life.  

Even if you are aware of the benefits of spending time in nature, below are some extra reasons why you should take at least two hours per week to disconnect from technology and be outside with no distractions. 

Reasons Why You Should Spend Time in Nature 

1.    Spending time in nature makes you happier 

Researcher David Strayer explains that being in nature allows the brain command center called the prefrontal cortex to rest and recover. That means that your mind takes a break, which provides better skills to cope with stress and improve happiness. When you are in nature, it is easier to stay away from distractions and to be grounded in the present.  

This enables you to practice mindfulness; an essential state for wellbeing and happiness.  Relaxing on backpacking chair, enjoying nature allows you to stop and appreciate nature’s beauty. 

2.    Being in nature heals your body 

Research has shown that hospital patients recover faster if the view from their windows is greenery instead of white walls. Furthermore, spending time in the forest improves your heart rate and cortisol levels, helping you feel less stressed and tense. 

Korean scientists have also shown that people who looked at urban scenes showed a stress response expressing fear and anxiety, compared to the ones who looked at pictures with forests and nature that showed the response connected in the brain to empathy and compassion. So as you can see, just by looking at different sceneries, you get a completely different reaction in your mind! 

3.    Nature is the best place to create lifetime memories 

Camping is an excellent activity since it combines spending time in nature with building amazing memories with your loved ones. You get to sleep under the stars, share stories by the campfire while seated on your backpacking chair, and drink your morning coffee in nature while being away from the day to day distractions. What’s even better is that it will be less expensive than a night out in the city. All you need is to do some planning ahead and prioritize your wellbeing over anything else that might seem urgent. 


Research shows the beneficial impact nature has on the brain, so don’t wait until you test to see how they work for yourself. Plan a walk in the park or a camping trip with your loved ones. Just bring the needed camping items with you – your tent, a chair, camping knives, some food and take some time to take in the amazing benefits Mother Nature can have on your life. 

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