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Why a Photography Studio is Crucial for Freelance Makeup Artists

It could help your business massively.

There has been a boom in the need for professional makeup artists in the last two decades. A lot of people point out that this is because this is the age of creatives finally taking over. People with high-level artistic skills can take advantage of the abundant opportunities available. 

Just take a look at Bobbi Brown, Mario (Kim Kardashian’s makeup artist), Scott Barnes, and even YouTube MUAs. They are no longer just people who apply makeup on others. They are authors, product developers, influencers, teachers, and so much more. Best of all, they’re multimillionaires because of their MUA career. 

It’s important to note, however, that new business ideas or approaches to the job have done great and wondrous things in altering the career path of makeup artists. These days, to become a successful MUA, you need to broaden your horizons and identify various effective ways to prove your worth as a creative. 

And, when you need to promote yourself as a true industry expert, one of the essential things you need is an impressive portfolio, for which you also require a photography studio. 

Creating an Outstanding Portfolio 

A portfolio is a powerful marketing tool for makeup artists. It is one of the tangible proofs of an MUA’s skills, experience, and creative range. Thus, it takes tremendous work to create one. 

Creating a portfolio that can easily impress even the most discriminating client is majorly about taking the best pictures of your work. And, it’s not always solely focused on a painted face. It includes meticulous attention to detail, as well.  

The background, the theme, and photography and direction skills (which surprisingly, most makeup artists possess) are all crucial. It is for this reason that you need to book a photography studio to take pictures of your work. With a photography studio, you can create the perfect setting to make your work optimally visually impressive. 

That’s not the only advantage. As a freelance professional MUA, you can up the panache of your makeup gigs with a customizable photography studio.  You can layout or style the place in a way that takes into significant consideration the clients’ comfort and convenience.  

Additionally, you can set up your workstation just like in fashion shows and magazine shoots. This is a clever way to provide your clients with VIP service. 

Other Uses of a Photography or Video Studio for MUAs 

1. It can function as a temporary makeup studio 

If you are a freelancer, you can use a  video studio hire in Melbourne as a temporary makeup studio where you can serve your clients comfortably in a professional setting. For example, if you have a bridal makeup gig, you can create a setup here along with your client’s photographer. 

This is a fail-proof strategy in proving yourself a complete professional even if you do not own a makeup studio yet. As long as you are set up properly, your clients will most likely think that you own the place. 

2. You can use it as a temporary makeup school 

Quite often, freelance makeup artists sideline as makeup masterclass instructors. They prepare courses and rent a venue to hold their classes. A photography or video studio makes for a suitable venue for these classes. Why? 

First of all, it’s just the right size for a typical makeup class. Secondly, the studio has some of the important equipment for a makeup masterclass, such as lights, tables, chairs, fancy cameras, and other photography equipment.  

Thirdly, it’s a business establishment. Therefore, it has all the necessary features to accommodate people and the activities you’ll be holding, such as strategically placed electric sockets, restrooms, and a designated parking lot.  

And lastly, makeup classes are not just about the art of doing makeup. They include lessons on makeup purchasing, working behind the scenes as a shoot director, photography, how much services should cost, and professional etiquette. Holding the class at the studio will give you and your students the feel of being on the job. 

3. You can create a variety of promotional content  

If you are a hundred percent committed to an MUA career, you need to have a variety of promotional content. Take a cue from YouTube makeup artists and other personalities who take stunning images at a photo studio for social media use. You can do the same to build your social media credibility.  

Or, you can produce a commercial film or advert for your business here. With such promotional content, not only will people be wowed by your makeup skills but also entertained by your creative marketing strategy. 

4. You can form beneficial connections by renting a photo studio often 

Photo studios for rent host a myriad of events. If you develop a good relationship with their proprietors, consider yourself blessed. You can tap into the studio’s own connections, too. 

Say, you need models to showcase the new makeup looks you have come up with. It’s highly likely that the studio has contacts in modeling agencies and models they can rely on. Or, if you need an extra photographer or a catering service for your makeup class, the studio may also have such contacts to refer to you. 

It can work the other way around as well. The other people who use the studio may one day need a professional makeup artist. Your name may come up in a conversation between the studio and their clients. You may just land yourself new gigs because of your connections. 

A Photography Studio Can Help You Work Outside of the Box 

To become a thoroughly successful makeup artist, you must know how to cover all the bases. Take your work elsewhere, explore the possibilities of different resources and connections – think outside of the box. Just like with a photo studio. You may initially just need it to create your portfolio, but it can also offer fresh ways for you to approach your career.  

The best makeup artists of this generation are successful because they understand the core of being an artist, which is being open to possibilities. Their career is not limited to producing looks of beauty. They birth abundant opportunities that allow for skills to manifest not just through a colorful palette, but also through different services. 


Adam Jacobs is the owner of Windsor Photo Studios in Melbourne, Australia, and Managing Director of Bubblegum Casting, the country’s longest operating modelling, talent, and casing agency for babies, children, and teens. Adam is a creative digital marketer focused on growing companies’ online presence and performance using both tried and true as well as cutting-edge growth marketing and growth hacking tactics. 

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