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Tricks And Tips About Buying An iPhone

What to look for.

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There can be nothing more exciting than buying a brand new iPhone. However, you need to approach the purchase in a wise and considerate manner. Here come the points that deserve your attention, while you look around for your iPhone. 


Verify the IMEI numbers on the Phone Body and the Software

You will never want to buy an iPhone with a replaced body. The question is how to escape such a challenge. Well, you must check the IMEI Number on the Phone body as well as with the Software. Remember, even if the Phone seems to be brand new from the exterior, the inside story can be completely different. For instance, the Phone might have a bad fall or spend some time submerged in water. Double-checking the IMEI Number is the only way to escape this threat. You should buy the phone only if you find the numbers in the Phone body and the Operating system precisely alike. Else, it would be best if you refrained from buying the device, as variation in this regard signifies that the body has got replaced for some reason. Buying a phone with a restored body never gives you back the right value in return for the cost. 


Check that the activation lock on the Phone is closed 

Since the introduction of iOS7, Apple has been highly skeptical about security features. They took the necessary steps to ensure that the privacy and confidentiality of users never get compromised. One of the key objectives has been to nullify the resale of stolen iPhones. While you buy an iPhone, check that the Activation Lock is closed. The lock is open on all activated phones. If you are getting one with a free Activation Lock, you are likely investing in a device that got lifted and re-sale. You will not get the warranty coverage on such devices, and on that, you are liable to face legal consequences. 


Does the Phone come with the IMEI Blocked?

You need to check if the IMEI of the device is active or blocked. An iPhone IMEI gets blocked if it has been stolen. The manufacturer has blacklisted the equipment on request from the registered buyer. Before you buy an iPhone, it would help if you take time out to check if the IMEI is blocked. Visit Apple’s Site, input the IMEI Number, and check if the IMEI is blocked or open. 


Does the Phone include any data from the previous owner?

Especially if you are buying a used phone, check if the device includes some data from the previous owner. If you find that the Phone still consists of the Apple ID of the previous owner, you need to unlink it. You can make this change from the General Settings Option. 


Check Warranty Coverage on your Phone

Apple holds an immense reputation for offering the most delightful customer support. However, you will get this support, only if your Phone features valid warranty coverage. Hence, checking the warranty coverage on the Phone is very important. 

Get to Apple’s site, and navigate to the Check Coverage Section. Now, you need to input the serial number of the Phone. If you get to the next page, it confirms that the device is a legitimate one. It enables you to escape the threats of buying replaced or stolen equipment. On this page, you will get the confirmation if the device is still within the warranty coverage. 

Please take the time to make these checks that will make it easier to pick a legitimate and a brand new iPhone. Besides, if you are looking for discounts while shopping online, apply Beyond Television Discount Codes and Boost Mobile Discount Code.

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