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Next Steps When You Decide To Become A Hairstylist

Thinking of taking the plunge?

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Whether you’re getting ready to graduate high school and believe that becoming a Hairstylist is the next step, or you’re looking to make a career change, it’s essential to understand what’s entailed in securing your certification. Unless you plan to style hair as a pastime, you’ll need to enroll in an accredited vocational program to ultimately secure a position in the job market. 

Many people may not realize how rigorous the work can be. The hours are long, your arms and hands will be elevated and moving continuously, and you’ll be on your feet for long periods of time. While these conditions could be an improvement for someone who previously held a more sedentary role, it’s essential to take into account the physical requirements in case it’s an impediment. Fortunately, there are tools to address many of the issues like floor mats, shoe inserts, and braces. Websites like even sell professional hairdressers’ scissors that are manufactured to help you work through painful injuries like carpal tunnel syndrome.  

Despite working regular hours, the pay can be uneven at times. Whether your income is driven by the number of customers, services provided, or tips, every day will be different. You’ll also need to have a thick skin and people skills. The entire job is centered on keeping the customer happy and catering to their preferences. You’ll likely experience your fair share of criticism, but that will be tempered by praise from customers who are thrilled with your work. 

After weighing all the pros and cons, if you still have the drive to become a hairstylist, then the next step is to get the proper training and licenses. 

Attending Cosmetology School 

To be eligible for cosmetology school, you’ll need to complete high school or earn your GED. Once you crunch the numbers and determine that you can afford the proper training to become a hairstylist, the next step is to find the program that suits your needs. While you want to make sure the cosmetology school is recognized as an accredited institution, and the training is looked upon favorably by professionals in the field, it also has to fit into your lifestyle. If the tuition or the location doesn’t work, then research other options or delay your attendance until your budget can accommodate the added expense.  

Getting Your License 

Once you complete your training, your location will dictate what you need to do to obtain your cosmetologist or hairstylist license. The exam can be practical, written, or both, so you can demonstrate your ability. If you get your license in one jurisdiction but move to another, there may be a chance that you have reapply to practice your trade in the new region. 

Going Into the Field 

While the idea of finally earning an income is exciting after so much training, the job market is competitive. Don’t lose your enthusiasm and momentum if it takes a little bit longer than you expected to secure a position. The trick is to keep applying, continually update your resume, and seek out every opportunity to add to your portfolio. Although it may seem hard to fathom, nearly everyone is in the same boat right out of school. Just stick to the game plan, and you’ll achieve your goals.  

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