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Mommy Dearest – 5 Gifts Your Mom Will Love This Mother’s Day

Struggling for idea? Check these out…

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Our moms do a lot for us, and most of the time, it goes without complaint or thanks. They cook, clean, care for the children, often while juggling jobs and other responsibilities. Therefore, it’s only fitting that one day a year we take the time to shower her with love, affection, and maybe a little something to make her feel special. Here are five gifts your mom will love this Mother’s Day:


Nothing says “thanks, mom” more genuinely than heartfelt jewelry like the Hublot Classic Fusion luxury watch. When chocolate or a simple pamper session isn’t quite enough, you can spend some time perusing the many jewelry stores to find that perfect piece. Your mom thinks the world of you, so show her that those feelings are very much reciprocated with something that she will treasure for a lifetime. Jewelry is also fast-becoming a favorite Mother’s Day gift, and in some states was the most commonly searched gift idea for the special day.

Cookware Sets

Over time, your kitchen pots, pans, and cookware sets can become stained, marked, chipped and cracked. While mom often makes do with what she’s got to whip up a feast for the family to devour, it’s always nice to treat her to something she will be able to use and enjoy every day. With so many great brands, styles and materials from which to choose, you are sure to find the very set that will put a smile on her face. You could even go one further and offer to cook dinner with it!

Pampering Session

Very rarely will mom decide to treat herself to a much-deserved pamper session. She may be feeling worn out, tired, and stressed, but like a real trooper, she battles through to make sure everyone else is warm, comfortable and with a full belly. Mom is always one to put others first, and many times we take her and what she does for granted. Therefore, you are sure to be the favorite when you treat her to a pamper session at a luxurious salon. Manicures, pedicures, a massage, and a full hair treatment, should all be on the cards when you organize a pamper session.


If you asked your mom what she wanted for Mother’s Day, she’s sure to tell you she doesn’t want anything – maybe just some peace and time out. If you’re facing the frustration of having no idea what to treat her to, you can’t go wrong with vouchers. The average American spends $168.94 on a gift for their mom, so don’t be afraid to splash out on a gift card to her favorite store and show her that you love her.

The best part about vouchers is they are always going to be appreciated. Rather than buy mom something she may or may not enjoy, you’re giving her the opportunity to go shopping and choose precisely what she wants.


If you’re stuck for ideas and you’re not brave enough to treat her to the new vacuum cleaner she so desperately needs, you can’t go wrong with chocolate. It’s a relatively safe option and you can almost guarantee that it will hit the right notes. There’s been a proliferation of boutique chocolatiers in recent years, so with a minimum of effort, you should be able to find something decadent or exotic. You can opt for Disney gift boxes, or you can even go all out with a custom chocolate Mother’s Day gift basket.   

Mother’s Day comes but once a year, and if you want mom to know you’re thankful for clean underwear and socks and dinner on the table every day, say thanks with a gift from the heart.

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