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How To Make The Perfect Dino Themed Nursery

The kids will love it.

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Dino Themed Nursery – Who doesn’t like dinosaurs? Young children and adults alike flock to museum exhibits with dinosaurs; fascinated by how paleontologists found their bones and put the puzzle together. SUE the T. Rex is a must-see for anyone who visits the Field Museum in Chicago and is used as a unique and impressive learning tool by teachers in the mid-west. From popsicles to series like “The Land Before Time,” dinosaurs surround us, entertain us, and fascinate us. This love affair with dinosaurs starts early on and can draw kids to loving science and history from a very early stage in life. 

So why not create a space to foster that learning? Why not make a dinosaur nursery

Whether you’re a science junkie or just someone who likes the aesthetic of dinosaurs, it can be difficult to pick and choose what works for a nursery. After all, you’ll be spending a lot of time in it, so you want it to feel just right. 

Here are five ways to make your dinosaur nursery a fabulous space: 

Dino-themed books 

Every infant should be read to, and there’s no shortage of reading material. Look for child Dino books to spark your baby’s interest in the sciences. Your child will love to point out what kinds of dinosaurs are on the page, and it’s a great way to expand your kid’s vocabulary early on, making dinosaur books an easy way to impress your child’s kindergarten teacher. 

Dinosaur sheets 

Infants shouldn’t sleep with blankets for safety reasons, but their cover sheets can definitely fit the theme. There’s a wide range of dinosaur prints out there, and no matter what your color scheme is there is bound to be the perfect bedspread. 

Dinosaur trashcans 

The beauty of a space is in the details, and the wastebasket is no exception. An integral part of any nursery, a trashcan shouldn’t be a hunk of metal in the corner of the room. It should be utilized to add some fun in the space. Having Dinos on your wastebasket can help tie the room together and make the whole space feel more organized. 

Dinosaur curtains 

These can be bold or soft, light-canceling or decorative. No matter what the function of your curtains is, they take up a large part of the room and really drive the theme home. You can add some fun and quirkiness to your nursery by incorporating Dino curtains to the space. Plus, as your child grows up, they can easily be used for their toddler room without feeling too baby-ish. 

Dinosaur wall art 

Wall art is key in making any space feel complete, and with such a fun theme in the nursery, you want to make your walls match. Any pieces with dinosaur prints are cute, themed, and professional, making them perfect for the nursery.

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