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How To Choose The Right Type Of Siding For Your House

Is it time you got yours sorted?

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The siding significantly impacts the value of your home. From a functional point of view, siding protects your house. But, design-wise, the vast range of materials and color options can be used to highlight the unique features of a home. An excellent way to add some color and definition to your house is through the siding. While aesthetics are essential, other factors such as durability, water resistance, maintenance, material versatility, and ease of installation should be considered.  

With so many siding choices available, it can be hard to choose the right one for your home. To help you decide, take a closer look at these top exterior siding material options. 

Siding Material Options Available 

  1. Wood 

Wood is the most popular choice for siding. It looks great, can be painted or stained, comes in a lot of styles and it’s a renewable, biodegradable resource. That being said, high maintenance costs, pests, water damage, and rot are some of its significant drawbacks.  

Wood siding can be made from natural or engineered wood. If you are looking for elegant natural wood siding solutions, trespa Pura NFC has a vast range of products you can choose from.  

Their siding planks are:  

  • Prefinished, meaning they are ready to use.  
  • Easily installed 
  • Sturdy with high scratch and impact resistance.  
  • Weather Resistant and perform well outdoors.  
  • Minimal maintenance is needed, and it is easy to clean. 

Trespa also offers a 10-year guarantee on their products.  

Engineered wood is designed to perform well in all environmental conditions, making it ideal for long-term use and is also eco-friendly. However, it’s also plagued by the same problems that affect natural wood.  

2. Vinyl 

Those who opt to go for vinyl do that because of its low cost, versatility, and easy maintenance. While the plastic look of the material is a turn off to some designers and homeowners, the wide range of colors and styles available gives it an edge. 

3. Brick 

If you want to give your home a more traditional look, try adding some brick siding. Made from fired clay or real bricks, they come in different textures and styles. When installed well, it can last for a long time, but it is quite labor-intensive and thus expensive.  

4. Fiber-cement 

It has become increasingly popular for offering the look of masonry, wood, or stucco at a lower cost. It is low-maintenance, non-flammable, and pest resistant. Fibre-cement is available in an array of colors and styles with factory finishes being recommended. Its major drawback is the moisture-related problems you might encounter.  

5. Stucco 

It’s made from sand, cement, lime, and water. It has been a favorite over the years because it is long-lasting. However, over time, it can crack as the home expands and contracts due to weather. 


When deciding on what siding to go for, weigh the pros and cons of each material and pick what best suits you. Your siding gives your home a beautiful look, so keep this in mind.  

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