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This $10.9 Million Property Has its Own Ariel Tram Line and Private Beach

This $10.9 million dollar property is something you don’t want to miss out on.

Credit- Youtube/Architectural Digest

With four buildings in the compound, you wouldn’t be pressed for space.

4751 W Ruffner Street is just a stone’s throw from downtown Seattle in America, on the Pacific Coast, and is a property that combines city living with all the perks of the natural wildlife of the location. 

The property, complete with the main house, carriage house, treehouse, and the studio has all you could need. This combines to make a whopping 6100 square feet of living space. Tight squeeze really.  

The entire compound costs $10.9 million, and is up for sale. The whole property comes with its own Ariel tramline to take its owners up and down the hill, and a private beach.

If this house is a little bit too lowkey for you, why not check out this one with is own driving range? But if you’re still interested in this multi-million dollar property, check out the inside in the video below.

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