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Things to Know About Sleep Apnea Study in Singapore ENT Sleep Clinic

Do you suffer from it? This might help.

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Although sleep apnea is a global phenomenon, this disorder seems to be more prevalent in Singapore. In 2012, research suggested that 30.5% of the survey participants dealt with different levels of sleep disorders caused by obstructed breathing, while 91% of these people didn’t go for diagnosis or treatment. Besides, a 2016 report revealed that Singapore ranks third of the 43 cities where sleep deprivation is the primary concern. The cause of this problem is associated with long working hours, hectic routine, etc. Nevertheless, less sleep or poor-quality sleep both can be harmful to your health. It can affect your functionality, safety, and overall well-being. 

It is essential to understand that certain medical conditions can cause sleep deprivation, and of them, sleep apnea Singapore is quite common. Sleep apnea occurs due to breathing interruption. A person suffering from this condition can be at the risk of accidents, poor performance, health risks (including heart attack, diabetes, hypertension, etc.), clinical depression, decreased attention span, and much more. For protection, undergoing a sleep study called polysomnogram can be unavoidable. Let’s explore this sleep study a bit for knowledge. 

What is a sleep study? 

This test evaluates the function of your body when you are asleep. The recorded data then goes for an examination to a qualified sleep physician. After analyzing the report, the expert tells you whether you are facing a sleep disorder or not. The study happens much like an X-ray. It is just that X-ray reads your bone condition while the sleep study checks your sleep patterns. After diagnosis, the experts suggest you treatment. Since these tests can vary and also the way doctors administrate it, you may undergo it at home, clinic, or hospital. Your ENT specialist can inform you about it. 

What measures do you need to take as a patient? 

You have to prepare for the test. Your doctor will talk to you about your background to get insight into your sleeping habits, caffeine and alcohol intake, consumption of any particular drug, and so on. On the day when you have to take this test, you should not nap or consume chocolates, coffee, or any other items that contain caffeine. It is also better to avoid applying lotion and cream to body and face or wearing any cosmetics or accessories.  You should carry comfortable clothes for sleeping. 

How does this process go? 

You will get some time to become comfortable with the environment if the study is not happening at your home. There will be a piece of equipment attached to your body. Then, there will be a monitor, too, for the recording of your different sleep phases, breathing pattern, heart rhythm, body position, oxygen flow, limb movement, etc. All these recordings will get saved on a computer.  The device will also note the amount of time you take to fall asleep. All this will conclude as soon as you wake up in the morning. Your ENT doctor will scrutinize your reports and analyze the details along with your background to understand the severity of the sleep disorder and, accordingly, recommend a treatment. 

Sleep apnea is one of the leading health problems. But with the help of the right prescription and guidance, you can find relief from it. 

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