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Playground Workouts Can Be The Best Fitness Friend For A Woman


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If you look at the history of playground workouts, it actually came from necessity. Ideally, for a woman there are a lot of responsibilities and chores to follow such as: 

  • Parenting 
  • Profession 
  • Marriage 
  • Side projects  
  • Own training and  
  • The grind of daily life. 

With so many obligations, it is quite natural to have trouble in fitting in their own workouts or to find an extra hour to spend at the gym. This will mean cutting into the time with their family which is already little. This gave rise to working out in the playground.  

Playground workout can typically be a mother’s best friend, as it is for their kids. Even if it is on Sunday only and not every evening, it can keep a woman fit.  

  • Along with their children jumping, crawling, running and swinging, mothers can be occupied as well in the main play structure.  
  • This is perfect for some quick pull-ups as the tall bar will make the exercise more comfortable as well as effective, especially the backups and pull-ups will be most effective. 

Therefore, if you are too busy a mom, make it a point that you take some time off and visit the playground with your kids, at least on Sundays.  

This will ensure that you get the core functions of your body up to the desired level especially if you are diagnosed with a pelvic organ prolapse or any other diseases similar or different from that. 

All about your perspective 

All you have to do is change your perspective regarding women’s fitness. It does not necessarily involve hitting the gym floor with those costly fitness equipment and gadgets that you will hardly find anywhere else.  

You will see that once you change your perspective, everything will start to fall into place and look inviting. You will also be able to accommodate these in your busy schedule. You will not need any costly equipment as well.  

  • The nearby bench would be fine for some quick step-ups and  
  • The swing set will do the work of a set of rings or a suspension cable. 

With strategic use of these things you will have worked up a sweat by the time your son gets bored with the swings. 

You will also start liking the fact that you are fit and healthy without having to spend hours every day at the gym or spend a hefty sum to get a membership. You will long for the next Sunday to come and go back to the park to find some other innovative ways to use it in a much better way to gain a few quick and effective strength sessions. 

You will also become the leader of other parents joining in on the fun! What is even much more encouraging is that you will also be offered with some encouragement and an occasional high-five. 

Climb, crawl and chase after your child and sometimes even your husband will join in when you can take a break from your training session and sip your coffee and enjoy the time. This means you will not have to feel so ‘on’ as a parent but have everything from your health, son and even your husband under control! 

Have more options 

It is true that choosing to move or not when you child plays at the park, is your personal preference but taking a break when you work out in a playground is as important as moving. What is more important is the fact that now you will have much more options to choose from.  

  • Working out in the playground will also mean that you will not have to wait for the gym any longer.  
  • Easy access and efficiency is what you get form playground workouts. You can even get access to a variety of equipment to get in some of your movements.  
  • When you are already there it will potentially eliminate your entire trip to the gym that will most commonly have prohibitively high membership fees.  
  • It may also lack in adequate childcare. 

Therefore, a playground session will prove to be an incredible option to have some fun as well as some outdoor movement, even if you do not consider those factors as a hindrance for you or not. You can easily keep an eye on your kid even if your husband is not around while you get in a squat each time you push the swing. 

Flexing the power of play 

You can flex the muscle of power of play to learn, connect, and grow. The idea of play is very valuable juts as the playground is for our kids. Movement as it is does not have to be a structured exercise to enjoy its benefits. There are different benefits of different types of efforts such as:  

  • Balancing on a narrow beam 
  • Moving on a tight rope 
  • Climbing up the play structure or  
  • Crawling through a tunnel. 

There is lot of diversities in a game of tags that will make movement variety a lot more fun. This will ensure that it is more engaging. You need not worry about the sets and reps that are commonly associated with the gym environment. All you have to do is make the best use of it to ensure the benefits of the creativity as well as the challenge that the playground would offer. 

Work out your confidence 

You may at times want to start getting in more movement when you are at the playground. However, you may be afraid of the reactions that you will get from the park-goers. You may feel that someone is staring at you just as they would when you wear the smallest bra size for your big boobs.  

The best thing to do is keep it simple and think it as your great opportunity for a workout. This will build your confidence as well as help in your practice as you do your own thing without having to worry about what other people will think and say of you. it may take a lot of practice but eventually it will come naturally to you. 

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