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How to Choose the Best CBD Oil For Your Dog

Make sure you get the correct one for you dog.

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CBD oil is recommended for its possible health benefits for both humans and animals. If you have a pet dog, you might consider including CBD oil as a part of its daily routine. 

As the CBD oil industry has grown, so have the risks of purchasing poor quality or dangerous products. Knowing which product is best for your dog is crucial to reduce the risks of possibly harming your dog’s health. 

Here are some pointers when choosing the best CBD oil for your dog. 

Organically Grown Options

When choosing CBD oil for your dog, you might want to lean towards natural CBD since it’s organically grown by experts. Giving your dog organically grown CBD oil means that your dog isn’t exposed to dangerous chemicals, which can lead to severe side effects, including possible death. 

Natural CBD oil, however, may provide health benefits for your dog, such as the alleviation of stress, controlled blood pressure levels, heart health, and healthy fur. Research on the possible health effects for your dog is still ongoing. However, what holds is that CBD oil containing chemicals may cause health conditions. 

It is important to note that there are CBD products that are organically grown but contain marijuana. This type of CBD contains high THC levels, which are the psychoactive component in the plant. CBD oil with THC levels can range between 5% and 30%. Any CBD product containing marijuana is not safe for dogs as this can cause marijuana poisoning. 

Signs of marijuana poisoning in dogs include lethargy, depression, dazed appearances, drunkenness, and, in extreme cases, coma or death. If you think your dog may have been exposed to marijuana in a CBD product, make sure to visit the vet for immediate medical attention. 

Other naturally grown CBD oil products contain xylitol, which is a sugar alcohol (has combined traits of sugar and alcohol). The structure makes the stimulation of taste receptors for sweetness and is found in organic products, such as fruits and vegetables. 

Sugar alcohol can be beneficial for humans, however, it’s harmful to pets. A small amount of xylitol ingested by dogs can cause liver failure. Thus, to avoid possible harm to your dog’s health, make sure to purchase CBD oil that’s xylitol-free. If your dog has ingested xylitol, make sure to seek medical guidance from the vet. 

Quality Tested Products

When looking to buy CBD oil for your dog, you have to look for high-quality CBD oil. Almost all vendors will vouch that their products are of high-quality, but you can’t take their word for it. 

High-quality CBD oil undergoes third-party testing of the oil’s ingredients, compounds, and measurements. Third-party testers will also tell whether a product has thoroughly undergone the required processes or if corners have been cut. 

The quality requirements of natural CBD oil are higher than synthetic oil, which is why natural CBD oil may be recommended and safe for your dog. 

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Purchase From Reputable Brands  

Now that CBD is legal in most areas, you may find it in garage stores and independent vendors. These outlets may seem attractive because the prices may appear lower than recommended and reputable brands. 

Purchasing from these outlets, however, might place you at a disadvantage for several factors. For instance, because of the absence of a return policy, you might not be able to return the product if you decide that it’s not of value for your dog. Also, information regarding the processes that the product went through might not be as transparent as those of reputable brands. This means that your dog’s health can be placed in a compromised position, especially if the product is not of quality. 

Reputable and recommended brands, however, are confident in their products since they usually have a return policy.  

Product Research

You can research a particular CBD oil product by doing a search engine sweep. Product reviews can give you an indication of whether others were content with the product or if it caused harm to their dogs. Make sure to use your discretion when carrying out product reviews since not all of them are authentic.

Before you purchase CBD oil for your dog, you must research information about the various CBD oil products available. Researching the products can make the difference between accidentally purchasing CBD oil products with high levels of THC, which is harmful, and purchasing the recommended hemp oil for dogs. 

Vet Guidance 

Before deciding the type of CBD oil to purchase for your dog, it’s important to seek guidance from the vet. A vet won’t necessarily tell you the brand that’s best for your dog. However, the vet’s insight and expertise can help you decide the best product. 

For example, seeing that there’s no officially recommended dosage of CBD oil, a vet can suggest the dosage and frequency of usage for your dog. Fortunately, some CBD oil products are accompanied by a suggested dosage. Taking into consideration the guidance from the vet, you can use your discretion when it comes to the dosage. 

It’s important to note that CBD oil is not a cure for any health conditions that your dog might experience. Though it has possible side-effects, always consult the vet if you notice any ailments that your dog is experiencing. 


The growing industry of CBD oil can make be confusing when you decide to purchase one for your dog. You have to research the various products that are offered for your dog. You may want to opt for organically grown CBD oil, quality-tested products, purchasing from reputable brands, researching product reviews, and consulting the vet are some of the steps that can ensure your dog can benefit from quality products.

It’s important to consult the vet before giving your dog CBD oil. If your dog is experiencing any kind of ailment, note that CBD oil is not a cure, rather a compliment to possible health-benefiting substances. Thus, always monitor your dog after giving CBD oil for possible side-effects since the responses of each dog to CBD oil may vary, depending on the breed, size, and frequency of giving CBD oil. 

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