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How Stress Affects Our Body? Spoiler: Terribly

Today we want to tell you about its impact on all aspects of our health, so that you understand how crucial it is not to bring yourself to stress exhaustion.

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A stressed-out person’s picture is quite depressing: a glum look, dry, dull skin, redness, inflammation, and dark circles after long work days. Evidently, stress has a considerably greater impact on the body than you can imagine. For instance, it could lead to critical health issues.

Today we want to tell you about its impact on all aspects of our health, so that you understand how crucial it is not to bring yourself to stress exhaustion.

Muscle system

Muscle tension is our natural reaction to drain. It is the body’s way of protecting itself from injury and pain. As you can imagine, it cannot be controlled. Evolution gave us such a gift, and sometimes the mechanism fails.

All muscles feel pressure simultaneously with sudden pressure and then relax when there’s no more stress. Long-term muscular tension deteriorates the entire body and has a variety of complicated spillovers. For instance, persistent muscular tension in the neck zone leads to severe headaches, including migraines.

Regular massage, hot massage, aromatherapy, and other relaxation methods to relieve stress can help with this. Massage effectively eliminates muscle tension and certain disorders. Massage, by the way, proved to be good and just to cheer people up.

Respiratory system

Stress can trigger some respiratory diseases, as the ways between the nose and lungs narrow during stressful times. For fully healthy people, this usually doesn’t become a problem because their body is able to cope with such additional work. However, for those who already suffer from breathing issues like asthma, pulmonary illness, or bronchitis, stress can worsen the situation.

The best way to act is to practice relaxation with a psychologist.

Blood system

Stress comes in two variants: acute and chronic. Not all stressful situations are bad for the body. Therefore, short-term acute stress might even be beneficial since it prepares the organism to deal with various unpleasant feelings. The body responds to stress by going onto high alert and activating adaptive mechanisms to prepare it to endure shock.

But this is not always the case. If the experiences were too strong, the indicators may not return to normal.

Stress has an impact on blood vessel health in addition to the heart itself. Additionally, vasospasm, which can cause arterial hypertension, is exacerbated by immune cells.

Gastrointestinal tract

The gut includes a multitude of neurons that may act on their own. They are always in communication with the brain, which is why we have collywobbles sometimes. This connection is impacted by stress, which results in unpleasant symptoms.

Additionally, the gut is home to millions of bacteria that, ironically, impact the brain’s health. The capacity to restrain one’s emotions and think clearly suffers the most from it.

Our microbiota and stress are closely related, which profoundly affects the brain.


Our nervous system turns the so-called “fight or flight” reaction on when we feel stress. So, the body uses all of its energy reserves to either flee from or fight the threat to life. One of the frequent consequences of stress is the discord between the processes of inhibition and excitation in the nervous system, which is controlled by the brain. This may be expressed in different ways. Someone loses working capacity and becomes apathetic to everything. Others, on the contrary, are torn apart by emotions.

Chronic stress also leads to prolonged exhaustion of the body since the body experiences faster wear and tear. 

How to deal with stress?

No worries, humanity already knows how to effectively deal with stress today.

The most effective techniques include:

  • regular exercise;
  • active social life;
  • full and regular sleep;
  • a varied diet;
  • a psychologist visits if the situation puts too much pressure on you.

All of these elements are crucial for preserving both physical and mental wellness. They serve as the foundation for a meaningful and healthy way of life. A psychologist can assist you in accurately pinpointing the reasons and aggravating elements of your stress if you require more support or experience it too often. A professional will also provide you with practical advice on how to deal with emotional stress and recommend ways that work best for you.

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