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How Going Sober Can Change Your Life For the Better

It could be the best thing you ever do.

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The decision to be a teetotaller may be a difficult one to make, especially if most of your social interactions take place in environments where almost everyone is tossing to a bottle of their favorite booze. While deciding to lead a sober life is one of the most difficult choices, it is one of the best life decisions one can ever make. If you are questioning your relationship with alcohol, hence considering sobriety, some of the key ways the decision can transform your life for the better include: 

A sense of control over your health

Quitting alcohol help eliminate the nutritional deficiencies linked to drinking. For instance, alcohol destroys the cells in one’s intestines and stomach lining responsible for absorbing nutrients. Furthermore, it also inhibits the transportation of nutrients into one’s bloodstream. Notably, since alcohol consists of empty calories, heavy consumption depletes the body of already stored vitamins and minerals, which can result to health-related complications such as anaemia. 

On a different note, quitting alcohol lowers one risk of developing different types of cancers such as mouth cancer, liver cancer, esophagus cancer, pharynx cancer, and breast cancer. Various studies suggest that giving up alcohol consuption results in decreased amount of fat in the liver, which prevents various diseases and stops one from feeling sluggish. 

Stronger relationships with others and yourself

Most people engage in drinking sprees as part of socializing with friends or colleagues. However, despite helping some individuals get connected with others, drinking, especially daily or regularly, consumes a lot of time and energy that can actually interferes with a person’s relationships. If you stop drinking and maintain sobriety, you will have more time coupled with mental energy to spend on people that matter to you the most, such as family and friends. Additionally, a sober life enables you to have more time for yourself. You can leverage the time for learning new skills, working on new hobbies, or any other ventHow going sober can change your life for the betterure you find interesting. 

It is easier to stay financially fit when sober

While trying to get sober, the least thing that most people usually think about is the financial impact of the decision on their lives. However, alcohol usually costs one more than health and relationships. For instance, leveraging ridesharing services such as Uber or Lyft to go out with friends might not seem that expensive, but $18 here and $27 there adds up to quite some lumpsum amount when you start keeping track of your expenditure. 

On a different note, if you know a lot about alcohol and would like to explore different alcohol scenes at the most exotic restaurants or even subscribe to alcohol clubs, you end up spending so much on such ventures. Quitting alcohol opens up a whole world of opportunities where you can channel your cash. For instance, you could take a good vacation and create memories. 

More productivity

Consumption of alcohol messes up one’s sleep while at the same time serving the person with hangovers to nurse or the need for multiple naps to maintain productivity. Maintaining the sobriety track leaves one with high energy levels and a lot of free time to focus on work, personal projects or school. 

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