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How Do You Hit Refresh On Your Motivation?

Here’s how.

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Motivation is a complex thing. Some people naturally seem to have buckets of it. You know the type – did a 5k run, meditated, organised their sock drawer and listened to a self-improving podcast all before they get to their desk in the morning – while others can’t seem to muster enough get-up-and-go to move from the couch. But for most of us, motivation is a fluid thing, which ebbs and flows according to our circumstances, our mood and even the season. As we hit the fall, with its  plunging temperatures and darker daybreaks, it’s natural four our motivations to dip a little. And whether they’re related to self-improvement, exercise, improving our diets or correcting bad habits, our plans for success can take a nosedive. Suddenly, it becomes so much harder to hit the gym after work, resist eating fistfuls of nachos at the weekend or peel yourself away from playing drift hunters to do that long-overdue practice. So if you’re finding yourself spiralling into bad habits and with your willpower at an all time low, how do you turn things around? Is it possible to hit refresh on your life and find your motivation again?

Getting Started Again

Fear not: It’s not impossible to back out of a motivational slump and get yourself back on track for success. There are tips and tricks used by everyone from business leaders to professional athletes to keep that motivation flowing when they just don’t feel like it – tricks that you can use to reintroduce some vigour into your own goals. It may seem impossible, but with baby steps – consistent, incremental improvement– you can make big and lasting change happen. Our lives are basically built of our habits. The small daily choices that we make add up to the big picture. By realising the power that very small habit changes have, we can pave the way to a very different life. 

Pick Just One Goal

Where do you hope to be in a year’s time? Buying your own home? Launching your own business? Smashing your personal best? If you ask most people about their aspirations, they usually have a whole lot. And there lies the problem. When we try to change too many things at once, we’re paving the way for failure. You see, humans are creatures of habit, and most of us choose the path of least resistance naturally. That’s just evolutionary biology in action. But this can trip us up when it comes to trying to make sustainable changes in our lives. We feel overwhelmed by too much simultaneous change and set adrift from the comfort zone of our usual habits. Then all it takes is one bad day, and we can easily find ourselves throwing in the towel. And once we’ve given up on one of our goals, the others all tend to come tumbling down too. A smarter approach is to list our your goals, and tackle them one at a time. Prioritise all the changes you want to make, and single out one to get to work on. Often, it’s a good idea to pick one of the relatively simple and more achievable things – so maybe don’t pick the marathon training plan as your first one! Start with something small and commit to it. Achieving that creates a positive momentum that you can take and channel into other goals which are more complex. When we try to tackle too many goals, we are splitting our energy and focus and that makes it all much harder for us. Why set the tables against yourself like that? Put your all into achieving one thing, and you’re much more likely to succeed.

Commit Publicly

There’s nothing like the fear of public failure to light a fire under your motivation! If you need help going the extra mile, try making your goals public. Whether it’s signing up to raise money for a good cause, or even just announcing it on social media, saying you’ll do a think in front of others gives you accountability – and makes you more likely to keep showing up, even when your motivation ebbs. Joining groups, such as a beginners running club or an online diet group can also help to keep you going when you feel like giving up.

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