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A Beginner’s Guide to Water-Soluble CBD: Everything to Know

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Are you interested in different ways to use cannabidiol and enjoy its health benefits? This guide aims to explain everything to know about water soluble CBD. 

CBD oil is the hottest thing on the market these days. Did you know that it is on track to do as much as $2 billion in sales this year alone? And Google is reporting that people are searching for CBD products over six million times each month.  

But, are you worried about spending money on CBD products that aren’t being fully absorbed into your system? Why spend all that money on a product that is flushed out of your body without getting the full benefit from it? 

If you’ve heard about water soluble CBD and have questions, then you’re in the right place.  

Don’t keep throwing money away on inferior products that can be inefficient and ineffective. Read on to find out the newest advancement in the CBD market. 

A Little Science Reminder 

At the risk of making you go back to school, let’s go back to science class with a little reminder lesson. As you may remember in the old saying, water and oil don’t mix, the new CBD technologies allow distributors to make water soluble CBD. This is a game-changer in the CBD market.  

CBD in its native state mixes best with oil, not water. So, while the product is best when added to carrier oils it doesn’t always dissolve in our bodies. Our bodies are mostly water, after all.  

And if you’ve ever tried to add CBD oil to your drink, you know that it doesn’t dissolve all the way. 

Instead, it floats to the top and looks less than appetizing. So, scientists have worked to make a CBD product that does dissolve into your drink. 

Is Water Soluble CBD Better?  

CBD oil can be quite bitter. If taking the drops under your tongue is difficult for you due to this bitter taste, then being able to mix it with a cup of water is revolutionary.  

As we mentioned, our bodies are made of 60% water. By creating a product that can be absorbed better, more CBD will get into your system from water soluble CBD products. 

Therefore, by making CBD water-soluble, it will absorb into your bloodstream much more efficiently. The scientific word for this is bioavailability, meaning how much of the product is absorbed into your system. 

You can either buy CBD water or you can buy water soluble CBD drops and mix them with your favorite drink at home. The bottled CBD water is an incredibly convenient and portable way to take your CBD with you each day. Unfortunately, it can get quite expensive.  

So, you can also buy water-soluble CBD drops that you use to mix with your favorite beverage at home. A few drops in your morning coffee and you’re ready to start your day. 

It’s truly impressive how helpful and efficient water soluble CBD products are. These amazing technological advances that allow CBD distributors to bring you a better product ensures that you aren’t throwing away money on something that doesn’t absorb all the way into your body.  

So, yes, the water-soluble products on the market are better than their oil counterparts in that they absorb more fully and faster than CBD oil. This means you only need a smaller amount to still get the same benefits of different CBD products.  

Benefits of CBD Water 

From anxiety relief to much need relief from chronic aches and pains as well as inflammation, CBD products are helping many people across the country to live better and more productive lives. 

With the added benefit of creating these water-soluble droplets that absorb into your drink and your body more efficiently, CBD water is taking the benefits of CBD products to a new level. 

The biggest benefit, as mentioned, to water-soluble CBD is its increased bioavailability. With more of the CBD absorbed into your body, you will see an increased effect on your symptoms and ailments.  

Secondly, by making CBD water, it will now be added to many more different CBD products. From plain water to other refreshing drinks you will now be able to get your favorite CBD product in an easy to drink product.  

This will make taking CBD with you while you’re on the go away from home much easier as well. No more having to measure the drops you put under your tongue. Simply grab a bottle of your favorite CBD beverage and head out the door. 

Lastly, another benefit of water-soluble CBD products is the ability to know exactly how much CBD you’re getting in your favorite snack or drink. By being able to mix your CBD product with your favorite drink you’ll be able to measure a consistent dosage of CBD each time you take it. 

Winning With Water-Based CBD Products 

CBD products are the hottest new product on the market today. And with the addition of water soluble CBD products, their hot growing trend is sure to continue.  

Scientists are working hard to create the best product for you that will give you maximum benefits. So stop throwing your money away on inferior products that don’t give you the full bioavailability.  

Instead, check out water soluble CBD products to see if their convenience is better for your lifestyle. And remember that you won’t need as much CBD product in your beverage since a much larger percentage will be absorbed into your bloodstream.  

For more great articles on this subject and many others, check out more articles on our blog today.  

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